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DS2 has warts on his hands - any idea how to get rid of

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Eve · 13/05/2005 19:28

... I have had warts all my life on my hands, usually just 1 or 2 and have had them burnt of in the past with liquid nitrogen (I think) however that was very painful.

When I was pregangt with DS2 I had 1 on my hand and it dosappeared completely and I haven't had any since. Unfortunately looks like DS2 has got the virsu. he ahs a couple of large ones on his fingers right on the nails. Unfortunatley he keeps picking and scratching them , they bleed and look really unslightly.

The stuff in the chemists says not for under 4 years and he is 3.

..anyone else had a child with these and any idea on how to get rid of them.

(old wives tails, but not one involving dead slugs please!! my mum when I was younger tried to convinve me to rub a slog on them!!!

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Eve · 13/05/2005 19:29

...sorry for the spelling, I am used to automatic spell check on my work email.

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Dior · 13/05/2005 19:37

Message withdrawn

Whizzz · 13/05/2005 19:37

I had one on my hand when I was little. My mum used to make me rub a little piece of raw steak on it & then bury it .................why ???????
(the meat that is - not my hand !)

Dior · 13/05/2005 19:41

Message withdrawn

Eve · 13/05/2005 20:18

mine used to come and go as a child, DS2 just seem to be gettting bigger.

I was also told dip your hand into some water that blacksmiths use for cooling the hot iron, but not many of them down the local high street.

Had heard the burying one before.

(PS.. Old wives tales...not tails, I cam spell really).

OP posts:
Aimsmum · 13/05/2005 20:20

Message withdrawn

crazyandconfused · 13/05/2005 20:24

Wartner is great! you can buy it in boots asda tesco or your local chemist it costs about £10 but it really works!

ambrosia · 13/05/2005 20:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charleypops · 13/05/2005 20:37

A friend's 3 year old had them clustered round her nose. She'd tried loads of things, nothing worked and they kept growing back. She then had a session of homeopathy or two, can't remember, and they dropped off never to return.

Mosschops30 · 13/05/2005 20:45

Message withdrawn

Eve · 13/05/2005 20:59 garden is full of dandelions, I'll give that a go tomorrow.

OP posts:
PotPourri · 13/05/2005 21:01

I have heard that if you rub the inside of a pea pod on it it will go. Worth a try. HAven't tried it myself though.

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