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lump on 8 month ds's neck

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ruty · 12/05/2005 08:46

he's always had two little glands at the base of his skull on either side, but this lump is lower than the normal gland on the left side of his neck. Could it be another gland thats come up? He's not unwell, no temp, just wondering if i should take him to doc. Its quite largish, a bit bigger than the normal gland. Bit worried.

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fastasleep · 12/05/2005 08:49

Health visitors and doctors are there for going to when you're worried... and you won't be wasting your time if it's nothing because it'll put your mind at rest!

fastasleep · 12/05/2005 08:49

I hope he's ok xxx

ruty · 12/05/2005 08:50

might make an appt todat. Just wondering if any one else's babes had something similar.

OP posts:
fastasleep · 12/05/2005 08:52

Mine's had no lumpy bits, I'm sure someone's will have had though!

elibelly · 12/05/2005 08:55

my ds got something like this when he was about 11 months. It was huge and we were worried, it was only a gland though. He was well at the time but apparently in small children glands can stay enlarged for ages after a virus etc.

Definitely go to your GP though it's best to have it checked by someone experienced.

ruty · 12/05/2005 09:13

did it go down elibelly? my Ds hasn't had a virus that i can think of, last had a cold about 2 months ago. will go to doc.

OP posts:
elibelly · 12/05/2005 10:29

yes it did go down eventually, he had it for about 6 weeks though.

foxinsocks · 12/05/2005 10:41

my ds had this gland come up after he had the first MMR. It stayed for well over a year and everytime he had a cold or other bug it would get even bigger. It's worth getting it checked out - our GP didn't refer us to anyone but we had another friend who had exactly the same thing who was referred to a paed.

ruty · 12/05/2005 11:09

he hasn't had any jabs so very puzzling. going now to docs, going away tomorrow so getting an emergency appt.

OP posts:
elibelly · 12/05/2005 11:17

good luck, hope it's only a gland

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