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Melamine Children's Plate & Microwaves

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GeorginaA · 29/04/2003 17:07

Probably not put this under the right topic but it was either this or Food

I've accidentally put a melamine plate into the microwave (and it says on the bottom "not suitable for microwaves) - DOH! It was in for about 2 mins on auto defrost (with food on it obviously).

Have I damaged the plate? Is it safe to give ds food on it or will I get plastic residues or something? Or is it just because they go brittle or damage the picture? Why do they say these plates are not suitable for microwaves? Apparently fine for dishwashers (thank god, or I'd never have bought it).

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alibubbles · 29/04/2003 17:24

I do it all the time, be careful, all I can say is they get very hot!

Finbar · 29/04/2003 17:35

Unfortunately I don't think this will be too reassuring - but I think the ones that aren't suitable for microwaves is because of something happening to the plastic molecules and transferring to the food (can you tell I'm not a scientist?!!)

  • it was an issue a while back with types of clingfilm & microwaves - which is why there are now types that state they are specifically for microwaving.
GeorginaA · 29/04/2003 17:41

Finbar - oops I scraped the food off the plate and continued heating it on another plate

Do you think if I wash the current plate thoroughly and never do it again, it will be okay? Presumably the leak just happens during the actual heating process? Or are the molecules irrevocably changed so the plate can still leak plastic stuff from now on?

(I am a scientist, but this is soooo not my field grin)

OP posts:
PamT · 29/04/2003 18:19

I've never used mine in the microwave but they don't tend to last too well in the dishwasher either The paint cracks and chips off after a while. You can hear it all crinkling if you open the dishwasher door whilst everything is still hot.

Finbar · 30/04/2003 12:09

Yes I think the leak just happnesd during the heating process...wish I had some more facts to hand.

Snugs · 30/04/2003 12:21

Leakage isn't the problem. Melamine absorbs heat - sufficient to blister and crack - and gets dangerously hot in the microwave.
Any that has been microwaved is safe to use again (from a chemical point of view) but check carefully for cracks as it is very sharp when it breaks.

GeorginaA · 30/04/2003 13:54

Thanks Finbar and Snugs! Relieved I don't have to throw it away - ds would be gutted - it's his favourite plate with Bob the Builder on it!

Silly mummy for microwaving it in the first place sigh.

OP posts:
Finbar · 30/04/2003 15:31

Strangely there are some children's plates that are ok and others that aren't - what are these manufactureres thinking of?...we have one Winnie the Pooh dish which is fine and all the others have the No Microwaving symbol. Aargh!

jodee · 30/04/2003 17:50

Yikes! Both of ds' favourite bowls for breakfast and dinner are melamine; never thought to check the bottom until now to see whether they are suitable for microwave use until now ...

GeorginaA · 30/04/2003 19:12

jodee I don't even have that excuse! I had read the bottom and realised it was non-microwavable, but didn't think at all when I was knackered and throwing something out of the freezer onto a plate for his tea!! It's totally daft that anything is sold that isn't dishwasherable and microwavable though these days.

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