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Anybody with an anal fissure out there?

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elelulu · 29/04/2003 15:47

Hi everybody,
Since a week after the birth of my baby daughter, who is now 4 months, I have had a BIG pain in my bottom, excruciating when I open my bowels and rather unbearable for a few hours afterwards. Over two months ago I was diagnosed an anal fissure (after a first erroneos diagnosis of piles) and given lactulose, fybogel and proctosedyl. Nothing much has improved. It is very difficult for me to have soft stools (and I drink a lot!), probably because I am breastfeeding. I try to watch my diet as well, to have a good amount of fiber. Last week I visited a specialist who gave me another, more powerful ointment - a very effective local anestetic which should help me open my bowels without spasms. If this does not help only surgery is left - which I would rather avoid...
I think this problem was caused by the iron tablets I took for months during pregnancy which made my stools rock hard and eventually caused the fissure.
Has anybody else the same problem? How are you treating it? Would it be helpful to stop breastfeeding?
Please do help me - some days I do not even manage to sit down ...

OP posts:
kaz33 · 29/04/2003 16:04

I do sympathise as I also had an anal fissure after DS1. It must have lasted about 6 months and then disapeared of its own accord. Certainly diet helped - ie: soft stools.

No advice really but if does continue I believe that there is something that your doctor can do.

Ouch - you're not alone.

gingernut · 29/04/2003 16:36

Hi elelulu

I too have an anal fissure. Going to see a specialist the week after next. I sympathise about the pain, although yours actually sounds worse than mine (mine mainly on going to the loo, not the rest of the time). I can't write much now - ds is wreaking havoc around the house as I write. I started a thread about it a while ago, under Health' topic (called Anal incontinence and piles - or is it a fissure). Sorry haven't got time to do a proper link.

My Mum has also had this problem - I think it's partly hereditary. She eventually had an op which has improved things a lot but she says it's not completely healed.

Mine is much better than it was, since I've been taking fybogel every day and eating more fruit and veg. I can't advise you about the breastfeeding. My Mum suggested bathing in salt water.

Will write again when I have time if I think of anything else that could help you.

vixen11 · 07/05/2003 09:01

i had one after the birth of my dd. i tried everything and eventually i had to have an op, not very nice but i was completely cured and it has never come back after 13 years.

elelulu · 07/05/2003 17:24

thanks for these messages.
I was hoping to hear about the possible positive effects on the fissure of stopping breastfeeding - has anybody any experiece of that?
vixen, what did you exactly try? (looking for inspiration...)

OP posts:
gingernut · 07/05/2003 22:30

elelulu, as I said I really don't know about the breastfeeding, but I do think it is strange that you are still suffering from constipation given the dietary measures you have taken and the laxatives you are using. What does your doctor say about the constipation? How are you getting on with the new cream - any improvement at all? It sounds to me as if your problem is so serious that surgery, although not always completely successful, at least could not make it worse. Are you due to see the specialist again soon?

I presume you are no longer taking the iron tablets.

By the way, if you have a bidet are you using it? I have just spent a weekend away from mine and feel much more uncomfortable again. . Just a thought, but I think keeping the area as clean as poss. maybe helps the healing. I also apply cream after using the bidet (I'm using Germoloids at the moment, but I assume you could use whatever you have been given). It acts as a lubricant, making it a bit easier to pass the stool next time you go.

Lots of sympathy - it sounds as though things are really intolerable for you at the moment.

northernlass1 · 07/05/2003 22:43

i used hydrocortisone canasten - did the trick v quickly

elelulu · 08/05/2003 12:07

I am not constipated really - I go to the toilet on average twice a day (double suffering ...). I just do not manage to have soft stools very often - on the rare occasions this happens it does make a HUGE difference.

No, I am not taking the iron tablets any longer (since Jan).

Apparently my problem is not very serious, the specialist said - it is just painful for long hours.

Unfortunately no bidet (and I badly miss one!).
The specialist did not suggest any antibacterial cream - my GP suggested it just a few days ago and it does make a difference actually - I wonder why the specialist did not suggest it.

I am due to see him again in a couple of weeks - not keen at all on surgery, especially since it is done in general anestesy.

Now, with big regrets, I managed to stop brestfeeding (my baby is over 4 months), so it will be easier to control my diet (sweet craving and so on) and especially I will loose less fluids. I feel confident today, we'll see...

Thanks for all your simpathy and useful advice!

OP posts:
gingernut · 08/05/2003 22:56

Oh I see. It is still strange that you don't have soft stools considering the regime you are under, so maybe it is linked to the breastfeeding.

If you haven't already done so, have a look for factsheets on the net - some are quite useful. I've been swotting up in advance of my visit to the specialist next week. One thing I've discovered is that I shouldn't have been using the Germoloids for such a long time because of the risk of developing sensitivity, but at least so far I haven't. And they suggest you apply the cream just before going to the loo rather than afterwards as I have been. Germoloids isn't an antibacterial cream, it's actually a pile cream containing a local anaesthetic. I was using it because I thought at first I had a pile and carried on because it did seem to help. I'd stick to whatever your doctor has suggested you use. My Mum had a lot of problems with developing sensitivity to the creams she was prescribed.

The problem may not be serious in that it's not dangerous but if it's really affecting your quality of life that's serious IMO! I hope you see an improvement soon.

smartie · 09/05/2003 09:22

elelulu I really do sympathise with you the pain is so frightening isn't it.

I had an awful time after ds1 with 3 fissures (apparently), after 6 months and loads of different remedial creams I was given the op, unfortunately it didn't work for me. I ploughed on with creams and diet and like you at least two small but mightily painful bowel movements a day.

I can't comment on the breastfeeding theory, I was so uncomfortable and unrelaxed at the time that I only managed 6 weeks with him. And no, stopping resolved nothing. But your theory makes sense so good luck.

I personally think that things began to right themselves when my 'diet' returned to its' prepregnancy state of a beer or two before bed, which in turn, at last, softened my stools. I now don't need the beer so much as 2 slices of brown bread for breakfast.

Lavender oil in the bath is a good tissue healer, creams/lubricants before a bowel movement are sanity savers, will your gp not prescribe ultra strong painkillers now you're not feeding?

Finally, I've since had two more children and with careful eating/drinking I've suffered no reoccurrence. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you're not alone. Good luck.

elelulu · 11/05/2003 16:43

Hi all,
thanks so much for the advice.

I have been taking local anesthetic ointment too - xyloproct for months, when you are supped not to take it longer than three weeks, but I could not manage without, and now an even more powerful gel, given by the specialist.
I too was first erroneusly diagnosed piles ang given a pile cream, but it was not effective at all.

May 7 was my last brestfeeding day ( ), but so far I have not noticed huge improvements in the softness...

I am also about to start a detox (I.e. only fruit and vegetables for a few days, followed by a few days fasting), something I was used to doing very often before the pregnancy ... I really rely on it - when you give your system some rest in terms of digesting, the body is more prone to carry on with the 'repairing' activities - and I truly hope this will make once for all my stool soft!!!

OP posts:
smartie · 12/05/2003 14:45

good luck!

gingernut · 13/06/2003 14:29

Elelulu, are you still around? How's it going? Just thought I'd post to say that I've been using the cream prescribed by my consultant for just over a week now, and am much improved. It's Diltiazem cream. Have you tried this? It's actually an unlicensed product so you may not have been given it. If not I'd say it's worth speaking to your consultant about it.

wickedstepmother · 13/06/2003 15:08

I have had a fissure for 10 months since my DD was born, I have always been to embarrased to approach anyone for treatment so thanks for making this thread live again !

Sheila · 13/06/2003 15:21

I had this a few years ago and cured it with a steroid cream from the doctor. Involves putting your finger (covered in the cream) up your bum after each poo (can't believe I'm writing this!) but it really did work and I had quite a severe fissure that was sore all the time.

I think the cream was just Anusol buut can't be certain.

My sympathies - such misery to not enjoy your poos!

wickedstepmother · 13/06/2003 15:25

I don't know, one we've had babies we'll talk about anything to anyone....

wickedstepmother · 13/06/2003 15:26

'once we've had babies'

Boe · 13/06/2003 15:34

No fissures here - just 1 anal x2b!! :0

Boe · 13/06/2003 15:34

No fissures here - just 1 anal x2b!! :0

elelulu · 25/07/2003 14:58

hi everybody - I have not been arounfd for a while.

Just to update you on my fissure:

I went back to the specialsit at the beginning of June and he told me that since the fissure had not healed yet I would need to have it operated (general anesthesis) . I was still suffering from 'hard stools' at the time and I knew that my problem would improve if my stools did - I just needed more time to get back to normal after stopping breastfeeding. So i did not take his advice.

Anyway - I went to Italy and spent there a month - during this time I asked people for remedies and I have been suggested both aloe vera gel and some other notural oils, K3 and K12, which I bought immediately. This oils helped HUGELY, and also during this time my stools have become progressively softer.

RESULT: I have not yet healed completely, but I am able to go to the toiled without using the anesthetic, I occasoinaly feel some discomfort afterwards but id does not last very long, I do not need anymore to take litres of lactulose and fybogel. The only things I use now are the oils and the aloe vera gel, and not every day.

I was quite disappointed that the only thing the 'specialist' could suggest was the operating table . There are often other less invasive ways. In my case I think the biggest factor has been giving up breastfeeding and wating for my stools to become normal again. It is strange that the specialist could not advise in this direction.

I am now confident that I will be able to heal completely - anyway I feel pretty ok already: toilet sessions are not a nightmare any more and I can again sit in the car!

Thank you again to all of you

OP posts:
gingernut · 20/08/2003 21:59

Hi elelulu, I've only just seen this. Glad to hear things are better for you. I'm much improved too although I can feel it's still there. I'm hoping that it will eventually heal given time.

kaz33 · 20/08/2003 22:13

It will heal - mine did, one day I just noticed it did not hurt. And with DS2 I did not get it at all - GREAT.

busytrace · 16/03/2010 13:00

hi elelulu

i developed anal fissures whilst breast feeding my first. i believe this was definately the cause. i carried on breast feeding for 4 months then had to stop due to gtn ointment.

the ointment worked within a few days i used it for six weeks. the fissure did return after 2 years but that was due to poor diet.

again the ointment worked.

whilst pregnant with my second child i was on high doses of iron and fissure was fine no problems.

but whilst breast feeding again it returned.
i have givin up breast feeding now after 3 months and using ointment.

i did continue to breast feed whilst taking the ointment for 6 weeks but it was not healing. as soon as i slowed down and eventually stopped fissure is healing again.

i believe the hormones associated with breast feeding do play a huge part in the prevention of the healing of anal fissures.

Ilovekurt12 · 06/01/2019 00:20

Hi, an you please let me know the name of the cream you used to heal fissure ? Thanks

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