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anyone know anything about transverse myelitis

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onlyjoking9329 · 01/05/2005 20:41

Hubby went to doctors on wednesday this is what doctor thinks he has he says its a virus in his spinal cord, he had the same thing 15 years ago, have looked it up on google and it says this is very common in MS and 85 % of people go on to be DX with MS, doctor says he need to be in hospital and that we should recieve a phone call within 5 days, which is today and still no call, i think what has most worried my hubby is that the doctor asked him to leave the room whilst he made a few calls, i am trying and failing to keep calm, anyone know anything about this?

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baka · 01/05/2005 21:36

OJ- can you chase the the referral easily? It seems dreadful to leave you in limbo like this.

onlyjoking9329 · 01/05/2005 22:38

well hubby doesnt even want me to mention it to anyone so dont think he would be happy for me to chase it up and very much doubt he will ring up himself, i am just hoping that once the bank holiday is out of the way we may get the call, as you can no doubt imagine it will be a nightmare for the kids, and i really cant worry hubby about all the kids stuff, just small worries like how the hell do i get older two to the school bus for 8 when DS will be doing his usual routine of a slow breakfast in his pj's, ho hum

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