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i cant do another week on my own.

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misdee · 30/04/2005 16:48

i just cant. its too hard.

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KBear · 30/04/2005 16:49

aw misdee, I wish I could help you. come on, don't give up now. You will get through this and life will get easier.

Yorkiegirl · 30/04/2005 16:51

Message withdrawn

starlover · 30/04/2005 16:54

you CAN Misdee, even if you think you can't right now... you're a fantastic Mum, and you've come through so much, and you'll carry on doing it until your DH comes home.
Just remember, don't be afraid to ask for help from people.. family.. friends... no-one will mind!
I have no idea where you live, but if it's near me I would gladly give you a hand!

misdee · 30/04/2005 16:54

took the 2 youngest to see dh yesterday. dd3 has now come out in what looks like chicken pox but its just her legs that are affected. could be insect bites. am worried if it is infectious then peter was exposed to it.

OP posts:
KBear · 30/04/2005 16:58

could it be an allergy? You're bfing right? Could you have eaten something that might have caused this?

starlover · 30/04/2005 16:59

Don't beat yourself up misdee, you couldn't have known that she would get this rash, be it chicken pox or not.
Maybe just let the hospital know so that they are ready in the (i think) unlikely event that it has infected him.

I am sure it'll all be ok!

misdee · 30/04/2005 16:59

not allergy rash. its small spots with small heads on some.

OP posts:
misdee · 30/04/2005 17:03

tho i have put her in disposables again whilst my kitch is being redone, and its mainly where the nappy touches the skin, whereb the elastic bit is (dd2 has allergy to elastic)

OP posts:
starlover · 30/04/2005 17:04

oh, my DS has got that at the mo Misdee! like red spots with a slight liquid-filled head on?
Think it's where his nappy has rubbed a bit

misdee · 30/04/2005 17:05

yes, like tiny chicken pox sots, very red round the edges.

OP posts:
KBear · 30/04/2005 17:05

no ideas really, and can only agree with starlover about Peter and possible infection. Has he had c/pox himself? Is that irrelevant with his condition? How was he last night?

starlover · 30/04/2005 17:06

yep that's it! It cleared up a bit when I put him in his Minki's for a while

lilsmum · 30/04/2005 17:06

misdee, not to add to your worry, but my dd started with 2 spots where when asked my HV she said it was where her nappy had rubbed (not that i am saying the same is with your cutie dd3) but it turned out to be chicken pox. x

misdee · 30/04/2005 17:40

no more spots have appeared since last night. but they do look very sore. i would think that they hurt.

OP posts:
misdee · 30/04/2005 18:11

shit shit shit. just spoke to dh to get him to tell the nurses about the spots just in case. hey were takling abou letting him home tomorrow for one night. FFS everything always goes wrong atm.

OP posts:
sparklymieow · 30/04/2005 18:13

I'm here babe...

misdee · 30/04/2005 18:15

but we're not infectionous. if dd3 does ahve chicken pox then i'm not goign to be able to visit. cant risk infectiong dh as he is so frail atm.

OP posts:
misdee · 30/04/2005 18:15

sorry mean we are infectious

OP posts:
misdee · 30/04/2005 21:32

do i take her to the emergency clinic tomorrow? dont really fancy a week of not seeing dh at all?

OP posts:
lilsmum · 30/04/2005 21:43

i would misdee, just to get her spots looked over, hope its not chicken pox fingers crossed for ya

misdee · 30/04/2005 21:45

thing is, for the last 2 days she has been very grumpy and not herself. she is just over a cold as well.

OP posts:
lilsmum · 30/04/2005 21:49

how many weeks is dd now misdee?

i know with my dd, she got chicken pox when she was about 6-8 weeks old, she just started with the 2 spots for a couple of days, but wasnt off colour at all (thats why i was so shocked) the spots were quite red at 1st and only when others started appearing did they fill with fluid, dont know if this is of any help just was thinking about your dd being around the same age as my dd was. xx

misdee · 30/04/2005 21:51

she is 9 weeks old.

OP posts:
lilsmum · 30/04/2005 21:53

wow!! thats gone over quick lol, just seem like 5 min ago you had your birth announcement up, i say take dd tomorrow and get her checked over. good luck xx

misdee · 01/05/2005 12:13

SHE HAS INFECTED ECZEMA!!! didnt think about that\possibility. its where the nappy (damn plastic disposables) has rubbed her legs.

dh cant come home tho, they were going to leg him out but as we didint know what it was they said they'd keep him there. feel a bit bad, but what was i meant to do? all the docs have gone now so he cant even update them to say its just infected ezcema. but he'd have t go back tomorrow or tuesday anyway.

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