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Mercury Levels

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Meanmum · 24/04/2003 11:23

I received this statement in my email from mumsnet. UK food safety advisers are to monitor levels of mercury in baby food following indications that these have doubled in recent years (Guardian 16.04.03);

I remember my mum telling me recently that they have stopped using mercury in injections for children in Australia as they believe it is attributable to ADHD (I think that's how you spell it). Can anyone shed any light on whether they use mercury in injections here in the UK and what babies food was this they were checking. Also why use mercury in these things?


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Jimjams · 24/04/2003 12:58

The mercury in vaccinations is in the form of thiomersil/thimerosil (same thing- different names in UK and US). The dofH would have it that it is entirely safe. However some peole link it to autism- hadn't heard of ADHD link- but they're all related so wouldn't be surprised.

It is in the DTP-hib jab- not currently in the MMR in the UK anyway. As you said it is not used in childhood vacinations in Australia becuase of the possible risks. It is being phased out here, but manufacturers are allowed to use up their stocks. HOWEVER you can ask that your baby be given infanrix-hib - this is a thimerosil free dtp-hib hab. I think it contains acellular pertussis which may be less effective (but less likely to give convulsions) than the normal pertussis vaccination (which isn't particularly effective anyway- especially now pertussis has mutated). The HV/GP may have to order some in specially but they will do it.

For those of you who read the hep-b thread- that's one reason why I'm postponing a decision on tetanus. AFAIK tetanus single jab contains thimerosil. If anyone knows of a brand which doesn't I would be keen to hear about it.

There's been quite a lot of fish oils and mercury- especially tuna. As the seas are getting polluted more mercury is being stored in the tuna- they get a high dose as they feed at the top of the food chain. Brands like efalex or whatever have supposedly been detoxified.

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