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5 yo with 'blinky' eyes - nervous twitch or something wrong?

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WideWebWitch · 24/04/2003 11:05

5 year old ds has recently developed a strange thing with his eyes - they seem to be 'blinky' - I don't know how else to describe it. He scrunches them up again and again and it seems to be involuntary. I took him to the doctor yesterday and she said she couldn't see anything wrong and it would probably go but she had no explanation. I wondered at first if it was tiredness (he was at his dads last week and had lots of late nights I expect) but he's had his usual 12 hours from 7.30pm - 7.30am for the last week and the blinky eyes are still there. Any ideas? Could it be a nervous twitch? Dp reckons it's worse when he's watching television. Ds says they don't hurt and they look fine, clear and everything and he seems fine in himself. TIA anyone who can help or reassure me.

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grommit · 24/04/2003 12:38

WWW - about 6 months ago my dd started blinking, like a nervous twitch, and I worried that she was disturbed about something or needed glasses. This went on for about 3 weeks - again like your ds was worse when watching television or when she was tired. Then she suddenly stopped and I still don't know the reason! hopefully it is a similar 'phase' for your ds. HTH

Jaybee · 24/04/2003 13:42

My ds had the same thing not long after he started school, again worse when looking at the TV. I took him to have his eyes tested and although he was borderline, he did not need glasses. He just stopped after a few weeks, I think it was probably down to tiredness. May be worth getting his eyes checked though.

efmach · 24/04/2003 15:46

My son developed a 'blinky' habit a few years back. It started out of the blue and only lasted a few weeks. He seemed to be totally oblivious to this problem. I got him assessed by an optician but his eyes were fine.
Even to this day, I think he might have seen another child doing this and picked up the habit subconsciously. Kids are strange!!

WideWebWitch · 24/04/2003 21:34

Thanks everyone. I reckon I'll just wait and see what happens and maybe it'll go. If it doesn't I'll take him to the optician. Efmach, you're right, kids are strange sometimes!

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