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has anyone brought medication online?

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tatt · 29/04/2005 08:04

I am thinking of buying a prescription only drug online. Obviously there are risks to this but the drug I am interested in (not viagra) is widely used for a related condition (and considered safe). It is not yet licensed for gps to prescribe for my problem, only for consultants. It is taken by many people in a support group that I belong to so I know what the benefits and risks are. Getting to see a consultant takes ages. I'm planning to discuss this with my gp but don't expect them to be able to talk me out of it.

I'd like recommendations for a website to buy from.

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tatt · 29/04/2005 11:25

bump - don't care if you bought viagra there, I'm more concerned if they are safe with my credit card details.

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starlover · 29/04/2005 12:19

I have done but to be honest I really can't remember what the site was. It was spanish

tatt · 29/04/2005 13:40

pity - saw my gp today who didn't try to persuade me not to, just told me she didn't think the local consultant would supply it for me. He does prescribe it for some people but I don't have bad enough symptoms even to rate a referral apparently. Suspect he'd feel differently if I saw him privately but its cheaper to buy the drug.

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grumpyfrumpy · 29/04/2005 13:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tatt · 30/04/2005 07:43

either they get it on prescription or they are trying other things first because it does have one common but minor side effect. Yes I have to risk the drug being lower standard but its not an expensive drug to make so might not be worth counterfeiting. Just waiting until after a blood test my gp has arranged - which might give them a reason to presrcibe it but would mean I am developing a more serious problem that I want to avoid by taking the drug

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