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How old are they when they start teething?

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juicychops · 24/04/2005 17:34

My ds is 3 months and has been grizzly for the last couple of weeks. im assuming he has started teething but there are no teeth there yet. IS he teething?

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juicychops · 24/04/2005 21:49


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pixiefish · 24/04/2005 21:51

could well be. it can take a while for them to come through

Tommy · 24/04/2005 21:57

Maybe - my DS1 got his first tooth at about 4m

hunkermunker · 24/04/2005 21:59

Could easily be. My Dad was born with teeth and DH teethed at six weeks!

(DS waited till a much more respectable six months - he was exactly the same age as I was - to the day - when his first tooth appeared!)

Catbert · 24/04/2005 22:02

I think those teeth start rumbling from very early on. Now he's three months, you can try a bit of calpol and see if that cheers him up. Bloody marvellous stuff Calpol!

mancmum · 24/04/2005 22:40

and also try the powders that you can get in the pharmacist... can not remember the name of them... homeoepathic remedy but works a treat...

nightowl · 25/04/2005 01:54

something and parsons? still have mine but lost the box

pixiefish · 25/04/2005 07:42

Ashton and Parsons

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