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Anyone taken Stillnox?

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Libby65 · 15/04/2003 00:04

Wondering if anyone has taken Stillnox before - it's a fairly new sleeping tablet but I'm not sure if it's also sold under another name. I've taken it a couple of times now but it seems to have a different effect to some of the others I've tried - not sure if I like it. Just wondering what anyone else thinks of them.

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MandyD · 15/04/2003 22:11

Well, I looked it up on my favourite medicines site

and I can't find that it has any other name. The spelling they have it under is Stilnoct, BTW, and judging by the side effects mentioned I don't like the sound of it!! Have you tried Zimovane as a sleeping tablet? They seem to be the best IMO.

Also, just being curious, are you being prescribed sleeping tablets as a consequence of PND or clinical depression? If so, enter either of these in the Mumsnet search and you'll find plenty of advice and help from others there.

Libby65 · 16/04/2003 00:15

Thanks MandyD - have just been going through a bit of a rough patch. Stillnox is reasonably new in that it's only been around for about three years I think, and it's meant to be non-addictive, but it makes me feel absolutely terrible the next day. Last night I just didn't bother taking one and I think I'll give them a miss now. I'm not sure what other names it goes by - I'll have to look into it. Thanks for your help.

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