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URGENT - I think dd has swallowed a battery!!

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Angiel · 14/04/2003 20:35

Waiting for doctors to ring back, but what should I do? She is 18 months and I'm at home on my own with 3 kids, will I have to take her to hospital as I need to sort stuff out.

OP posts:
chickster · 14/04/2003 20:41

Not medically trained, but batteries contain acid (not to worry you) so probably needs help in getting it out. Was it a large battery or a small watch type one?

bundle · 14/04/2003 20:41

do you have a neighbour who could sit with the other kids? sounds like it needs sorting asap. good luck

jac34 · 14/04/2003 20:42

You proberbly will need to go to hospital, because of the chemicals in the battery.
Have you got someone who can have the other kids or come round to yours ???
If not, then pack some sandwiches, drinks and toys, and you'll just have to take them with you.
Where is your DH/DP, if he's still at work, he could come and collect them, from you at the hospital later, leave him a note or phone him from there later.

Angiel · 14/04/2003 20:45

It was an AA size battery. Dh is at work still. Bloody doctor still hasn't rung back.

OP posts:
bundle · 14/04/2003 20:48

ring your local hospital - and ask to be put through to A&E, one of the docs there should be able to give you advice over the phone in the meantime. sounds urgent enough to me to get some advice like that.

soyabean · 14/04/2003 20:48

Angiel poor you, hope doctor rings back soon. Is dh on his way? You may have to take the others to hosp and he can meet you there? Take some food and drink for them and for you. Good luck

robinw · 14/04/2003 21:45

message withdrawn

robinw · 15/04/2003 07:45

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mum2toby · 15/04/2003 07:55

Seems quite a big thing for her to manage to swallow, so I hope it's a false alarm.
I'd definitely ring your local A&E for advice. They'll probably just give her a drink that makes her vomit. My brother had this when we thought he'd swallowed paracetamol at 18 mths (false alarm!! it was white eye shadow!!). They gave him this orange juice that made him vomit for about an hour!

Anyway..... that doesn't matter coz you'll know one way or another now. Hope everything has gone well and if it wasn't a false alarm, that they got the battery out with minimum fuss.

Keep posting!

whymummy · 16/04/2003 08:13

hi angiel,how did it go?is everything ok now?let us know

Angiel · 16/04/2003 08:46

Hi, sorry I haven't got back to you before. In the end it turned out to be a false alarm. Dd had to stay in overnight though because on the first xray they did they thought they could see something, I was having kittens at this point. Did another xray in the morning and it was clear, phewwww.

It was a total nightmare really, dd didn't get offered a drink or anything, I didn't have any stuff with me and I'm still totally shattered despite going to bed at 8.15 last night.

Thanks for your support.

OP posts:
whymummy · 16/04/2003 08:49

glad to know it was a false alarm!!don`t do much, you deserve a rest!!

robinw · 16/04/2003 19:04

message withdrawn

soyabean · 18/04/2003 18:18

Glad thats all over, Angiel. Have a happy easter

Sabbath · 19/04/2003 18:18

REally glad it was a false alarm, hope your dd is alright after the fact too.

Bossanova · 19/04/2003 20:26

Having had a scare (also false alarm, thank goodness) with ds playing with a blister pack of paracetamol that he found in my zipped up purse, I was so pleased to hear that your dd is fine. We really do need eyes in the back of our heads, don't we? I now keep the tablets in a small child proof bottle. There's no way I want to go through that panicky feeling again.

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