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DS2 has a strange lump on his leg

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misty · 19/04/2005 22:29

which appeared last Tuesday morning, along with a bruise although I don't recall any injury that or the previous day. It's just below his buttock on the back of his leg, and started out about 1cm and is now 2cm, hard and not red or infected. I took him to our g.p's straight away who at first thought it might be an abcess, and told me to bring him back in a few days.

Went back on Thurs and it had grown, so they told me to take him to the paediatricians dept at the hospital to be checked. Again, they thought it might be an abcess and gave him a course of penicillin. Anyway started giving him that, then we had a follow-up appt at the drs yesterday and he thought it was getting bigger so now have to go to hospital for a scan - just waiting for the appointment.

No-one seems to know what it is, I really don't think it's an abcess as it is hard and sort of moves around a bit, although it is very tender to touch - poor ds

Just wondered if anyone else had ever come across anything like this - very difficult to explain what it looks like, also seemed to come up overnight!


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jabberwocky · 19/04/2005 22:32

I had something like this on the back of my neck. It was hard, moved and tender. It did go away with antibiotics and it's been so long ago I can't remember the official diagnosis. HTH

zenia · 19/04/2005 22:33

I have no idea, so no advice, poor you and ds, hope you get a scan appointment soon! I think it's a good sign if it moves around though, I had a lump once and the specialist said it is always a good sign if it moves around. This probably doesn't help, but thinking of you anyway.

misty · 19/04/2005 22:34

did it just come up of it's own accord jaberwocky or did you bang it??

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jabberwocky · 20/04/2005 04:23

It just came up. I told a few people that I was probably abducted by aliens as a joke, but was actually a little concerned because it was so odd. But, it went away, so all was fine in the end.

misty · 20/04/2005 10:10

ahh thanks - not quite so worried now

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