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Not something i'd really like to share but....

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Linzoid · 11/04/2003 21:01

I think i might have Thrush, well THOUGHT. I am now wondering if it could be something else. I used a single dose canestan pessary on wednesday and i am no better. I have had the same partner for 10 years( in case anyone thought it might be an std). Thinking about it though maybe i have had something going wrong down below for a while(i am not the sort to compare notes usually!) Can someone tell me if it is normal to have a dark brown discharge for a few days before a proper period starts and to sometimes have small clots during a period. I feel really uncomfortable and itchy at the moment, it's starting to get me down tonight. So mumsnetters if you could give any help i would be glad.

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Jimjams · 11/04/2003 21:29

I had that for years- the brown spotting before a period. Haven't had it yet since having ds2 though, but I'm still bfeeding. I did read somewhere that it can be hormonal and can indicate there may be problems ttc- but we never had any. I wouldn't worry about it meaning anything nasty. I think spotting between periods can indicate a problem sometimes.
I also get small clots sometimes- it just indicates heavy bleeding.

You may have thrush or you may have another infeciton (sometimes you can get things like chlamydia without it being sexually transmitted). Probably worth getting a swab taken by the GP.

Linzoid · 11/04/2003 21:39

call me thick but what do you mean jimjams ttc?
I had a smear recently and i bled(apparently an erosion) Then i got a letter saying a satisfactory result had not been acheived, not been back for another yet tho and just started to worry something awful was wrong! I actually asked my doctor for a hormone test once because i have awful pmt and she refused, i'm told the erosion could be due to hormones aswell so what can i do about them, anyone have any experience or advice? I am sure it could be why i get so anxious and pmt

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mouli · 11/04/2003 21:49

I have an erosion too, I always bleed at smear tests. Mine is because of being on the pill, it erodes the cervix, but its nothing to be worried about apparantly.

jac34 · 11/04/2003 22:17

Apparently, you only need seek treatment for erosion if you bleed during sex, it's a very straight forward procedure I think, a friend had it done , but there was a bit of a waiting list.

Linzoid, perhaps it is Trush, but wasn't cleared up by the over the counter treatment. Could be you need something stronger from the doctor.
I have got trush in the past, after taking very strong antibiotics. I think you can get it when your run down as well.

PamT · 11/04/2003 22:23

TTC means trying to conceive.

Thrush usually gives you a creamy discharge maybe with white lumps and it smells a bit like bread. Last time I got it I treated myself with natural yoghurt (felt a bit yukky when I walked), it is lovely and cooling and doesn't use nasty chemicals. Canesten isn't guaranteed to work first time either. With your bleeding problems you really should go back to the doctor and you ought to get the new smear done too - if you have a problem it needs dealing with before it gets out of hand.

robinw · 12/04/2003 07:15

message withdrawn

gingernut · 12/04/2003 11:13

Linzoid, I would make an appointment to see your GP about the discharge and also to get another smear done and in the meantime continue to treat the itching as if it were thrush. You could try another thrush treatment such as Diflucan (a single capsule), combined with Canesten cream. As Pam T suggests, yogurt is good - but you need to make sure it's Bio yogurt (and eating Bio yogurts is beneficial too, because the fungus can be transferred from your gut to your vagina, and the bacteria in Bio yogurt compete with the fungus that causes thrush). Other dietary things that can help with fungal infections are: not eating too many sweet things (sorry!), reduce consumption of fruit juice and other sweet drinks, reduce tea and coffee consumption, no dried fruit. This is because fungi thrive in people with high blood sugar. Lastly, don't use perfumed bubble bath/shower gel. BTW, white discharge is common with thrush, but is not always present (I never had it, but doctor confirmed I did have thrush).

I used to have some spotting between periods and my GP referred me to a consultant. In my case, no cause was found. But I'd have it checked out. Has it been going on for some time or it is recent? I don't know anything about erosion, sorry, but I have heard that since the recent scares about smear testing, labs are much more careful about samples and more likely to ask for repeat tests where the sample is `not satisfactory'. This doesn't necessarily mean there's anything wrong, just that there weren't enough cells in the sample to do the test properly.

whymummy · 12/04/2003 11:41

hi linzoid it does sound like thrush and its very important that your partner has the treatment as well even if he hasnt got any symptoms,hope you get better soon

Jimjams · 12/04/2003 12:42

I think spotting between periods is different to spotting right before a period. Between should be checked out, before is fairly normal. Although worth getting smear redone etc, and check with dr if worried.

gingernut · 12/04/2003 21:36

Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest there was anything wrong...just that I would speak to your GP about the discharge, particularly if it's worrying you. I've no idea how common it is.

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