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Sorry it's a poo question..could it be linked to diet?

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vicdubya · 17/04/2005 20:44

Ds is 13 months. Up till about 5 weeks ago he had fairly regular (1-2 a day) bowel movements, quite solid, & easy to deal with!

Then we both had stinking colds & his nappies were dreadful for a couple of weeks & I thought it was just a bug. Exploding mushy poo, you know the type.

Anyway 3 or so weeks on and he is still having irregular very mushy poos (sorry about the detail), maybe once a day or every two days, they are terrible and I dread going out cos so difficult to deal with in changing rooms etc.

I am starting to wonder if it could be diet related although he has no major changes in his diet at all that I can think of.

He does eat quite a lot of fruit, eg two bananas, and apple and a satsuma each day, but he has done for ages.

Any ideas? Could a bug linger for this long?

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vicdubya · 17/04/2005 21:19


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tiffini · 17/04/2005 21:20

my nephew has had the same thing for 3 weeks now and still going on.
now my 3 children caught it last week, i thimk it is a bug.

TracyK · 17/04/2005 21:53

my ds - also 13 mo has a variety of diff types of poo. But i think he still has a lot of milk. So the first poo of the day has the 8 oz of formula he had from bedtime and is still quite runny. It gets more solid as the day goes on. It may be a phase as he used to have quite solid ones. I hope to go back to them soon as I wanted to give potty training a go over the summer.

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