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Grizzly, hot, tired 11 month old - what can I do?

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Libb · 17/04/2005 17:47

DS isn't himself at all today. He has been grizzly, his temp is currently 38.6 (under his armpit so could be higher according to the blurb), is breathing rapidly and he has been very drowsy. He also has slight diarohea (excuse sp) and has been wanting non stop cuddles - unsurpisingly.

He hasn't been sleeping well at night recently and his tummy hasn't been good for about 4 days now. His temp has only risen in the last 24 hours. His appetite is fine and he is keeping up his liquids.

My main concerns are his rapid breathing, his temp and his drowsiness, although he hates being put down to sleep. He has only been happy when leaning against one of us and then nodding off. At first it seems like classic teething I have never known him to have the breathing, temp and drowsiness.

Any ideas? his father and I are not together anymore but we do live together whilst I try to sort stuff out, could he be stressed via us? has anyone known these symptons because of teething?

I am flummoxed and am thinking about calling the NHS line but I have a feeling that they will just tell me to keep him cool, give paracetamol and take him to the doctor tomorrow - all of which I am/will be doing.

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hunkermunker · 17/04/2005 17:50

Phone NHS Direct - they'll take you through a list of questions which will pinpoint whether you need to take him to A&E or not.

DS had a urinary tract infection the other day (temps of 40.9 - v scary) and NHS Direct were great.

Hope your DS is OK soon - I don't think that you're stressing him out, but it does sound like more than teething, IMO.

Libb · 17/04/2005 20:06

Phoned NHS Direct, they got the emergency doctor to phone, we went over to see him. DS was charm personified and just has an infection. The little monkey is now currently playing with toys happy as Larry whilst his bath and tea are prepared.

This will be noted in his "things you put me through" book for future reference . . . oh how we laughed . . .

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dinny · 17/04/2005 20:25

Libb, temp combined with rapid breathing and unusual drowsiness is worrying. Have you called NHS Direct yet? Expect they will say call emerg docs or maybe go to A&E....?

dinny · 17/04/2005 20:26

doh, sorry Libb, somehow managed to miss your last post! glad all is well

Libb · 19/04/2005 10:16

His temp is still spiking but Nurofen brings it down - I don't want to risk the childminder's other kiddies getting it so we are staying in. When his temp is high he just wants endless cuddles.

He had the most godawful tummy during the night, completely missed the nappy I would say! he woke grizzling and it took me a few sleep addled moments to twig his problem, cleaned him up and then we fell asleep in the sofa together as it was cooler - took me right back to those early days!

He is almost human at the moment, currently screwing up my "what to expect in the first year" book. Seeing as he has just 3 weeks of his first year left and it doesn't cover destruction/burning desire to destroy things I am not fussed.

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