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Does anybody else suffer with spots?

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spotty · 10/04/2003 09:14

I am now 30 and they are still ruling my existence. My face is clear but I do tend to get very sore spots on my shoulders still. I feel hideously embarassed about them, hence the change of name. Has anybody found something that really helps?

OP posts:
josiejump · 10/04/2003 10:14

I sympathise 100%. I'm now nearly 40 and still suffer from breakouts mostly on my chin. They started in my early 20s and I know that my hormones are responsible ( doctor said I have PCOS most probably). Have tried antibiotics ( useless), the pill ( worked, but not a long term solution ), evening primrose/starflower ( no good), countless lotions and potions. I've just this month started to take a herbal remedy called agnus castus and am trying to cut down on sugar intake- no spots yet, but will keep you posted.

gingernut · 10/04/2003 11:05

Yes, me too! I'm 35 and have had spots since I was 10 . Not so many on my face these days, but still get a lot on my shoulders and chest. Things that have improved matters for me are: pregnancy and the pill and eating oily fish regularly. But really, they've just made the spots on my face improve not the ones on my chest and back. I think not covering them up makes a difference but obviously that's not much use in the winter and anyway if you're spotty you don't feel like wearing strappy tops! Sorry not much useful advice, but at least you know you're not alone.

Furball · 10/04/2003 12:56

I went to buy a new foundation yesterday and said I don't really wear make up, but feel I'm getting to an age (36) where I should be making the effort.

I chose a foundation (which had already been reccommended by someone else) and she said yes thats a good one but only gives a 'light veil' - Have you thought about concealer? because lets face it you do have some nasty spots!

Charming! I believe it keeps me looking like a teenager.

tallulah · 10/04/2003 18:19

Furball, what a cheek! Did you thump her?

I've had spots since I was 11. I'm now almost 40 & if anything they are worse. I've never been able to wear low cut dresses because my chest is the spottiest part of me, & now they are spreading to the tops of my arms as well.

I've tried every cream, lotion, face wash, antibiotic, the Pill, you name it, nothing works.

hmb · 10/04/2003 19:02

Spotty, go and see your GP. Antibiotics do work for some, but they can take a long time. If the spots are very bad you can be reffered to a dermatologist who can prescible other medications that can work very well. Dianette (an OC pill) also works well for some women. Please don't suffer in silence, it obviously has you upset, and you should get the treatment you need. I hope things improve soon.

bossykate · 10/04/2003 19:51

roaccutane could be the answer. it's like magic. long term anti-biotics DO NOT work for everyone, and can have harmful side effects (e.g. episodes of thrush, building up resistance). you will need to be referred to a dermatologist by your gp to get it. the drawback is that you MUST NOT take it if there is a chance you could be pregnant, it's based on a vit a derivative.


bossykate · 10/04/2003 19:54

there is really no need for anyone to suffer into adulthood with this, as i did. be persistent with your gp about a referral to a dermatologist, they are only too ready to keep on handing out anti-biotics...

now i just have to tackle the scars...

spotty · 10/04/2003 20:41

Thanks for your replies. It is such a shame that some of us have to suffer like this, I know in the scheme of things spots maybe aren't a big deal, but they can really rob you of your confidence. At one stage I grew my hair into a shoulder length bob and used to hide behind it all the time, just used to have one eye poking out.

I did actually take roaccutane when I was much younger but I haven't actually seen a doctor about my skin for years. Like I said I suppose I am relatively clear now, but I am still troubled by spots on my shoulders and the top of my arms. It would be so nice to be able to wear a strappy top or something, especially as there seems to be so little of any other sort of tops these days.

Does anyone use tea tree oil or anything else that seems to help clear them up?

I've also found that my skin tends to be worse in the week after my period rather than the week before. Has anybody else found this?

OP posts:
slug · 11/04/2003 10:46

I had acupuncture many years ago to try and get my wonky cycle under control. A totally unexpected side effect was my spots which had plagued me all my adult life, while not disappearing completly, got an awful lot better. It's worth a try if you don't want to go down the drug route.

josiejump · 11/04/2003 20:26

I do dab neat teatree oil on as I think it helps to bring them to a head ( possibly), and I also put toothpaste on them at bedtime ( making sure to wash my face immediately I get up or the children get a bit freaked out!). I read in a magazine that it helps to dry them out and it does seem to help, but I couldn't tell you why.

Chinchilla · 11/04/2003 22:01

I have found that washing my face with those Dove facial cloths each morning, and using an astringent cleanser/toner at night has helped a bit. I now only get spots just before my period, but they are still painful. I get them on my chin mainly, but have a sore one brewing on my forehead at this moment! I did not find Tea Tree any help. I have recently bought some Biore spot capsule thingies, which are a gel that you put on at night, and leave to dry. It sometimes takes them down a bit. Also, TCP is good if the spot has broken (umm, for that read 'been picked'!) I have to say that half my problem is not leaving them alone (yuk).

I also got REALLY bad during my pregnancy. I did not have any scarring before then, and now I have some on my cheeks, which I am very self-concious about.

NQWWW · 14/04/2003 11:27

Are you drinking enough water?

mammya · 14/04/2003 22:54

I find that sudocrem works very well.

jodee · 16/05/2003 17:27

Can anyone recommend a good back treatment for spots? I'm thinking along the lines of a 'facial' type jobby where someone could cover my back in seaweed/clay, that type of thing(!). I'm not expecting a miracle cure, but it would be really nice to wear some strappy tops this summer. I already use scrubs for oily skin in the shower, but they don't seem to do the job.

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