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Oral Thrush

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LauraWitt · 14/04/2005 20:56

I think my toddler may have a bout of thrush. Has anyone come across this?

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Lonelymum · 14/04/2005 21:12

Gosh there have been a lot of posts about this lately! Let me see if I can provide you with any links....

Lonelymum · 14/04/2005 21:18

There is this but it doesn't say as much as I thought. I am sure there was another thread about this very recently but I can't find it. Perhaps you could try searching messages (at the top of this page).

Do you want to describe your dd's symptoms?

franke · 14/04/2005 21:22

My dd had it when she was about 1yr. Quite nasty for her - red spots in the mouth with a white top iirc. GP prescribed Nystatin - a liquid you squirt into the mouth for about 1 week. We were lucky - one course and it cleared up, I know some people have real probelms getting rid of it. We also washed all her toys and books and started again to sterilise cups and stuff for milk. It ususally goes hand in hand with a bout of nappy rash too. Miserable.

LauraWitt · 15/04/2005 21:53

Well he had spots come up in his mouth yesterday but today he's developed blisters on his hands and feet so it's hand foot and mouth!!! I've heard that toddlers quite a few babies/toddlers in the area have had this.

I take him to mother and baby groups so he could of picked it up there

OP posts:
Lonelymum · 15/04/2005 22:02

Have heard of children with hand foot and mouth. As I understand it, it can be quite nasty. Hope ds feels better soon.

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