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Rude/Unprofessional Chiropractor, should i write her a letter?

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mamadadawahwah · 06/04/2005 20:41

Went to see a chiropractor today who was referred to me as someone who deals only with infants and children.

Her attitude was appalling and i would be grateful for some advice on what to do, i.e. just forget about this crazy person or write a letter to her outlining how distressed she made us feel.

I knew immediately there was a "personality" clash. She was very intense, didnt smile and in my opinion was a bit "power" mad.

My son had just woken from a nap when we entered her office and he was cranky. The room was full of toys so i grabbed a small toy to keep him amused. As soon as i gave it to him, she said "lets leave the toys till later, i would like to talk to you first. I said to her, he would squeal otherwise. Before asking anything about my son who is speech delayed and who was in a bad road traffic accident last year, she said, "what do you think i can do for you". It came out sounding like, "I cant help you, i dont like you and i dont want you here!

anyway, i told her the story. She then said, "you seem angry!" That was it! I was explaining to her the rigamarole my son has gone through in tests etc and she said that. By then i was angry and told her that it wasnt me and my "attitude" she was going to looking at but my son.

Anyway, long story short, she then started talking to my husband who dosent think my son is that much delayed. She then says, "do you think conflict in the house has caused your son to stop talking? I thought I was in a psychiatrists office rather than a chiro practice.

Finally, she said "because your son is lined up for so many tests in the near future, I dont think I want to see him. She didnt explain herself, just repeated it.

I told her "well this is an uncomfortable moment". I knew it was me she had a problem with. She expected us to sit at her feet and beg her to look at our son.

We left the practice and she turned on her heels and didnt even say goodbye!!

Do you think this is professional? Maybe she is on medication? She intimated she might see him after his official testing with the CDC, but I wouldnt go back to her! Should i let her know what i think or chalk it up to a just another crazy?

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chipmonkey · 06/04/2005 20:50

WHAT? Thats really rude Mamadawahwah, you should definitely write a letter of complaint.

Twiglett · 06/04/2005 20:57

OK she sounds rude that's true and I wouldn't take my child to be treated by someone who I felt didn't respect me or my opinion

But what you said she finally says sounds like an explanation to me

from her perspective, she spoke to 2 parents who have a different viewpoint of their child and his abilities. That child has a number of tests lined up and chiropractic treatment 'could' be used to his benefit but she doesn't know yet. Most professionals would prefer a clear picture before launching into a treatment programme

I would assume that you would be paying for these treatments, she sounds quite ethical refusing to offer treatment. She sounds extremely rude though (but not crazy)

mamadadawahwah · 06/04/2005 21:21

thank you both. NO I suppose she wasnt crazy, just one more "professional" who thinks they know everything. You are right i wouldnt go back to her anyway, because I wouldnt get on with her and it would inadvertently affect my son, or she might take Her anger out on him. She is the sort of person who likes to "read" you, body language, etc. What she didnt realise is that she is no doubt projecting her own self onto her clients. No smiles, no warmth and such an attitude. There were many ways to explain her reasonings but she just was sooo rude. I wish I had my wits about me cause i would have told her what i thought, but i was too flabbergasted!

OP posts:
mamadadawahwah · 06/04/2005 21:25

Just one more thing, our appointment for our son was not till October because her office advised she was soooo busy. I wonder why i was able to get an appointment so quickly. Her office alleged that she is the only chiro in town who deals with children and she just couldnt see us any earlier.
Maybe she is losing clients. Nah, i am going to go for it and send her a letter. I am so angry for having been treated so shoddily and for my son to be so totally ignored.

OP posts:
pixiefish · 06/04/2005 21:27

I see where you're coming from mamadawahwah but I honestly don't think a letter will get you anywhere. She sounds a bit eccentric to me and if she is then a letter will get you nowhere- plus if you ever have to go back to her again you won't be able to ( I know you said you wouldn't but you don't know)

mamadadawahwah · 06/04/2005 21:31

No pixie,but it will make me feel better letting her know that the way she treats her clients is abominable. I would hate for someone else looking for help for their young child to be treated in such a manner. No doubt she will respond and get the last word in, but she needs to be told.

OP posts:
chipmonkey · 06/04/2005 21:32

Even if she thought she couldn't help or would prefer to wait for the outcome of tests, she could still be nice! Maybe I'm wrong, but the "conflict in the house" question doesn't sound appropriate for a chiropractor.

Chocol8 · 06/04/2005 22:51

Totally agree with Chipmonkey. Personally I would complain in writing and possibly to any professional body she belongs to too. What she said was out of order and she should be pulled up on it Mamadadawahwah - good luck.

Jimjams · 06/04/2005 22:57

Agree with twiglett. Also chiropractors (or more usually osteopaths) can be quite like counsellors at times- it's kind of in their remit- the holistic side of things, so they do ask about everything.

Also If she's asking whether conflict in the house has caused your son to stop talking, when he's being taken for developmental tests (I assume) then she doens't sound the right person for him to see anyway, as she clearly doesn't understand how that can be significant developmentally rather than psychologically.

I'm not sure a complaint will get you far as she's just been rude, not dangerous. Did she charge you? If not then I don't suppose there's much you can actually compain about. Just don't recommend her.

mamadadawahwah · 07/04/2005 08:42

changed my mind again Jimjams, I think i will just let it go. She's obviously got her own problems to have acted that way and a letter wont change her, just make ME more angry. Thanks for all your input.

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