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Calling all runners....

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binkybetsy · 06/04/2005 20:36

I need some advice please. I haven't run since Sept 2001 when I was training for the GNR and found out I was pg with Dd. I was getting myself geared up for it all again in May 2003, did a couple of miles on the treadmill in the gym, when I was pg again (and for the last time).
Now I find that I'm so shattered by the time my husband gets in and takes over before I throttle the kids, that I just want to either sleep or have a few precious minutes to myself. I try to motivate myself to go for a run, but somehow just can't summon the energy.
How do you ladies get out there? Do you not feel knackered? I got my GP to run bloods in case there was a physical reason behind this but he gave me a clean bill of health. Why can't I just do it?

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Xzebra · 06/04/2005 21:02

It's a habit thing, hard to change the habit you have now (of resting when you can).
You could aim for very simple, try for a 20 minute run on a Saturday morning. Sounds hardly worth the bother, but you'd be amazed how much effort it will be to get out there for those 20 min. Would be a start, though.

binkybetsy · 06/04/2005 21:36

bump please

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thedogmother · 06/04/2005 21:39

Hi Binkeybetsy - I'm not really a runner although I've just started jogging a bit, my dh runs a lot so has been coming out with me which helps with the motivation.

Can you join a running club? I usually find that if I'm with someone else it spurs me on, that might be the way forward.

binkybetsy · 06/04/2005 21:51

I've discussed it with my Dh and I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'll join the runners thread if I do it. Thanks ladies.


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Potty1 · 06/04/2005 22:17

Ladies, ladies roll up for the runners support group thread here . Everyone welcome!!

Binkybetsy - There's some brilliant starter schedules on the Race for Life website, Runners world (not scary honest) and on the Flora Light Challenge site. These are specially for women and basically start you off with a run/walk.

I've been running for almost 6 years now, 3 or 4 miles 3 or 4 times a week and the first 15 minutes is still the hardest.

merrygoround · 06/04/2005 23:12

Binkybetsy - hi. Think small and think about the results - which although at the MOMENT you can't imagine will outweigh the joy of collapsing, actually WILL make you feel so much better. Of course you still need rest time - how about looking at it like this: I'll go out for 20 minutes, and when I go home I will have a bath for 45 minutes (which hopefully your dp will have run for you, full of relaxing stuff).

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