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constipation tips please

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Pebs · 05/04/2005 12:35

DS is 9 months and although he eats tons of fresh fruit and veg each day he has suddenly got very constipated and even cries with pain. He doesn't drink much juice/water which I know is a problem but is there anything else that may help to get things moving?

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starlover · 05/04/2005 12:43

Hi pebs... if you pop over to nappies and potty training you will find a few threads on constipation... with some good advice in!

Blossomhill · 05/04/2005 12:44

I have heard brown sugar in warm water is good

dropinthe · 05/04/2005 12:44

I dont know if he is old enough to try the Danone yoghurt with prunes but V tasty and got prunes in!!!

bundle · 05/04/2005 12:45

prune juice? we used syrup of figs (give a spoonful just before bedtime) when dd1 was a bit bunged up, but check with pharmacist whether it's suitable for under 1's.

happymerryberries · 05/04/2005 12:52

If it is an issue see your GP asap. they can give you lactulose....this is not absorbed by the body and works by increasing the number of bacteria in the gut, which helps to make the faeces soft.

Take it from someone who battled with this for almost 2 years, early treatment is key to making sure that your child doesn't start associating pooing with pain, once that happens they may deliberatly withold poo.

If he has lots of fruit and veg he may well need more than 'eat some rasins' to help him. Sort it early would be my advice.

ThomCat · 05/04/2005 13:17

lactulose (works by allowing liquid into poo and making it softer)

Not sure what age you can start in from but senacot (natuaral plant laxative available in chemist)

if he hasn't been for ages and you feel able - now andf then only, a suppository for children, 2g glycerine ones.

crush linseeds and put them over his cereal.

try giving him porridge or failing that weatabix or shreddies

cook his veg, like some sweet potato or wahtever in freshly squeezed oj

prune juice (to drink and try making them into lollies)


fruits such as watermelon as well as oranges etc.

massage his tummy.

stimulate his rectum with a lubricated finger.

Sit him on potty and rub his tummy while sitting behind him and maybe do this while watching the tv or something so he's relaxed and not bored etc.

lay him on his back and move his legs round, although riding a bike

bowel essence fromhealth food shops (tinctures of flowers that promote a healthy bowel)

use oilive oil in his cooking

you can by oils in health food shops that you can pour over his food, like spag bol etc

happymerryberries · 05/04/2005 15:09

Lactulose realy does work by increasing the bacteria in the gut. It can't be absorbed by us (wrong shape of sugar- sterioisomer) but the bacteria can absorb it and metabolise it, so it gives them a source of food and allows them to multiply. Between 1/3 to 1/2 of faeces is made up of dead bacteria.....the more dead bacteria the softer the poo!

Lolasmum · 05/04/2005 15:14

Don't know if this worked - or it was a conicidence. When dd was 6 months old and had just got onto solids she became terribly constipated. What I found helped her was the the baby yoga video (from Blooming Marvellous). Everytime we did it, she pooed either during or after! We both enjoyed doing the exercises together too.

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