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C-section scar

10 replies

poppy101 · 04/04/2005 08:38

After narly 8 months, should my scar be totally cleared up and should I be getting any stinging from it, it looks a little red in parts, is this normal ?

OP posts:
fastasleep · 04/04/2005 08:39

Someone reassure this woman before I get the yucky c-section scar gallery link out again! (You don't want to see it trust me!)

poppy101 · 04/04/2005 08:41

How long does it normally take to stop stinging then ??

OP posts:
fastasleep · 04/04/2005 08:41

I don't know I've not had one...come on somebody!

poppy101 · 04/04/2005 08:42

Sorry fastasleep thought you had.

OP posts:
uwila · 04/04/2005 09:03

I would say mine continued to itch a bit (I'm guessing here by the way) for about a year. It is now twoyears on and I am 32 weeks pregnant. So, even with the current stretching it doesn't bother me much. The only thing that irritates it a bit is if I wear underwear where the elatic waist cuts straight across the scar.

But, otherwise, I'm fine.

louli · 04/04/2005 09:06

After my first c-sect it was red and sometimes bumpy for almost a year. After my second it was a much better scar and doesn't bother me. Have you tried rubbing some vitamin e oil into it?

dyzzidi · 04/04/2005 09:18

Mine is not a c section but very similar just abit longer from gynae surgery. It actually make me feel sick if knickers sit on the scar and mine is still a bit numb in places.

God mine was about four years ago, not very visible though.

Calmriver · 30/04/2005 22:58

I had a section 8 months ago too.

Mine is still a bit sensitive, and gets itchy on the hairline.

I wouldn't be too worried really. I think it's very normal.


Saacsmum · 01/05/2005 08:56

Hi, I posted a similar question a while back. My ds is now 7 months. My scar is red and itchy and raised. It makes me feel sick if it is pressed by underwear etc. It is a real annoyance but I am not worried by it any longer.

ghosty · 01/05/2005 09:10

DD is 15 months and my scar is still bothersome to me ... with DS it was non existent by 12 months but this time not so ...
It is red, raised and itchy ... with a nasty looking over hang (even though I have lost all my weight) and the skin above it is numb to the touch right up to my belly button ...


It is enough to put anyone off having children ...

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