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Chicken pox again sry

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megandsoph · 02/04/2005 19:41

K DD1 got over chickenpox about 5 days ago and as I mentioned in another thead just waiting now for DD2 to get it and OMG she hasn't half got it
so much worse than DD1. Anyways doing the normal things expample... camamile lotion and piriton but is there really nothing else that can help?? is there definetly nothing thats been invented over the years?? (sorry just desperate now)

also does anyone know if it's possible for children to get the spots in their mouths or throat?? DD2 sounds very hourse and has what looks like a wee blister on the inside of her lip...

any advice would be greatly recived cheers

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mumbojumbo · 02/04/2005 19:45

Hi there

Sorry to hear that dd2 has got it worse....miserable isn't it. DS1 and ds2 are just getting over it and ds2 was so much worse than ds1. I think that it is possible to get spots in the mouth, I'm sure I noticed some in both of their mouths.

We did the piriton and calomine, and Eurax for spots. Also used Calpol.

Not much in the way of advice but you're not alone.

Tipex · 02/04/2005 19:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

megandsoph · 02/04/2005 20:00

awww thankyou to both of you
just feel so bad for her... when DD1 had it the other week she had 1 "itchy night" and she was fine after that, just was not prepared for the difference with DD2.

Mumbojumbo does Eurax help the itches?? (have never heard of it b4)

am also using calpol, DD2 has asthma so canny use ibruprofen (gutted)

thankyou again

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tiffini · 02/04/2005 20:02

baking powder in bath water will soothe the itching.

Aimsmum · 02/04/2005 20:04

Message withdrawn

Aimsmum · 02/04/2005 20:04

Message withdrawn

tiffini · 02/04/2005 20:05

you can also put bandages around the ones that are touching other skin areas to avoid spreading and irritation, this will also dry them up much quicker.

RTMTMML · 02/04/2005 20:11

Mine had it one summer and I put them out in the garden and the sun dried them up really quickly. Hope it clears up soon.

Cadbury · 02/04/2005 20:14

Oh poor thing! My ds having got it a bit under a fortnight ago, my dd has come down with it today. At least the waiting is over. It is starting quite slowly with dd but I have a feeling it'll rev up soon. What fun!

megandsoph · 02/04/2005 22:41

ty everyone
sry took ages to get bk.

I really do appreciate everyones advice,
shes just gone up now phewwwwww .
does anyone actually know why they recommend the camomile lotion, as I agree with the other MNetters's who say it tends to make the spots more itchy so I have just experimented and lathered vasaline on (hope it works)as tipex mentioned e45.

Aimsmum thank the high heavens DD's feet are clear that must of been absolutly awful for you and your DD

Just hope none of our babies get it again

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