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Painful blood blister ... does anyone else get these??

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Slave2Babe · 01/04/2005 22:48

I just wanted to find out if anyone is suffering and if it is a normal thing after having a baby and breastfeeding (I have booked an appointment to see my GP after the weekend but I'm a bit concerned).

I have a very sore blood blister / boil on the underside of one of my breasts and I have recently been getting boil type spots on the inside of my thighs.

A friend said it could be that I'm a bit run down and I might need an immunity boost or maybe some antibiotics.

I'm worried it might be something more serious (especially the one on the breast) and was hoping someone else might have had something similar??

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Slave2Babe · 02/04/2005 23:55

I'm worried now by lack of response and assuming that this means it is not a common complaint??

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colditzmum · 02/04/2005 23:58

Is it kind of blackish? It might be a small boil, I had one on my belly and the nurse put a mag sulph dressing on it for me, which cleared it up after a couple of days.

bubble99 · 03/04/2005 00:03

Your GP will advise you but I'd suggest that you ask him/her if a biopsy is needed. It's always worth getting skin changes checked out and it's a simple procedure. Try not to worry, I'm sure it's nothing.

Slave2Babe · 03/04/2005 00:10


Yeah it is dark in colour. There's not lump as such, its like a big spot on the surface of the skin. Sorry if I gross you out ... it burst earlier (I think its cos i was a bit full!) and it seems to be full of blood which is very thick and gloopy. It has now settled down a bit and seems to be going down but is still quite tender.

I'm 99% sure that its nothing to worry about but there's that little nagging doubt in the back of my mind ... if it were anywhere else I would probably not even think about it!

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Slave2Babe · 06/04/2005 17:48

thought i'd just post to follow up on this.

saw doctor on monday and mind is put to rest. i'm just a bit run down - and need to slow things down.

i've been working from home almost since comin outta hospital with dd. its my own company which is run with four partners and so i feel i have to pull my weight.

but doc says ... sow down or u'll make urself really poorly! well cant argue can i ... hmmm might have another cuppa ...

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