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HELP my husband is an alcoholic

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sad36 · 01/04/2005 07:18

He drinks between 15-20 units per evening and yet as he is never drunk he doesn't see it as a problem. But what harm is it doing his insides? Also it is a huge problem for us - it means he can't get up in the mornings, we don't share a bed as he snores so badly and he will never help with the baby in the evening as from 5pm he is in his chair with his drink. He expects me to cook him dinner but won't eat it with me - he has his about 10 or 11 just before he goes to bed when he has finished all his booze. We cannot keep any extra alcohol in the house as he will drink it - however rough cooking stuff it may be. So he is limited by what he buys each day but that it usually a half bottle whisky some beers and some wine. I can't cope with it anymore but have talked/begged/nagged til I'm blue in the face and he won't change. Should I leave?

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Wallace · 01/04/2005 07:55

I'm sorry I can't help, I just wanted you to know the someone is reading your post. Others with more advice will be along soon I'm sure xxx

sobernow · 01/04/2005 08:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

strawberry · 01/04/2005 08:37

Sorry about your dh sad36. I was worried about my dh's drinking recently and spoke to doctor. He said that heavy drinking will definitely cause health problems at some point. Also you don't get a warning that something is wrong so by the time liver damage is diagnosed it may be too late to do anything. Sorry if sounds a bit dramatic but it helped my dh to cut back.

Also my GP offered to talk to dh - sometimes they'll listen to someone else but not wife! Of course this will involve him accepting that there is a problem. Does he admit that he has a problem? What about work - have they noticed? What reasons/problems do you think might be causing him to drink?

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