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DD had to have her kidneys scanned today

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kid · 31/03/2005 19:28

and she got the all clear.
She had a urine infection in November and was refered to the hospital to check for scarring on her kidneys but they are fine.

DD was most upset that they didn't warm the jelly up before squirting her with it. She was really good, managed to fill her bladder up, had a scan then was allowed to empty her bladder before they rescanned her.

OP posts:
QueenEagle · 31/03/2005 19:30

How old is your dd?

kid · 31/03/2005 19:34

she turned 6 in January

OP posts:
noddyholder · 31/03/2005 19:34

that is great news!

hoxtonchick · 31/03/2005 19:35

really glad she's ok kid

QueenEagle · 31/03/2005 19:45

Kid I'm really pleased she got the all clear. I'm surprised though that she had a scan after having just one wee infection, or has she had more? Hope you don't mind me being nosey, it's just that my dd had kidney problem too.

kid · 31/03/2005 19:48

She told me her wee hurt but I didn't really believe her (I know, I'm a meany!)
When I eventually took her to the Dr's, they said she needed to have her kidneys checked for scarring. They said it was routine for children that were 5 years or under.
This was her first infection and she had no trouble since then. I wasn't going to take her for the scan but the Dr said I must.

OP posts:
QueenEagle · 31/03/2005 19:54

Always best to get it checked I guess. My dd was 5 months old when she had her first infection and I was told they always investigated if they were under 1 year old. She had an U/S at 11mths which showed one kidney much smaller than the other. She went on to have other tests one which involved her having radio-active dye injected into her (she was about 2 by then). This one showed the function of this kidney was signif reduced and lots of scar tissue from repeated infections. She then had a general anaesthetic and had cameras poked around and they found she had a duplex kidney and ectopic ureter. Within 2 months she was taken into hospital to have half her kidney and the extra tube removed.

Really scary times for us so I'm so glad you haven't got to go through all that Kid.

kid · 31/03/2005 19:55

Sounds really scary for you and your DD. Hope she has been fine since.
I was worried about how DD was going to react having to have a U/S done, she seems to be a wimp like her mummy!

OP posts:
Wallace · 31/03/2005 19:58

Glad she was fine . Ds (5) also had a UTI in November and was referred for an ultrasound. He had his in February and was also given the all clear

QueenEagle · 31/03/2005 20:27

I used to tell my dd it was the same as the scan I had to see what she looked like in my tummy. She found this quite fascinating! Also she liked looking at the screen to see what her insides looked like.

Unfortunately she wasn't fine. She also had problems with her bladder and for 2 yrs she had a catheter tube through her abdomen into her bladder through which she had to wee. This had to be changed every 12 weeks and tbh it was hell for her. She developed such a phobia about having it changed she had to have it done under sedation.

She had it out in 2003 and although she still has probs with wetting herself they are minor compared to what they were. She's 13 now and can be embarrassing for her but (touch wood) she lives a pretty normal life now.

kid · 31/03/2005 20:31

sounds like she has had a tough time. Glad she had the catheter out but it must be really hard for her still if she sometimes has accidents.

In the school where I work, there is a girl that has a weak bladder, she often accidently wets herself. The class teacher makes a point of letting the rest of the class know that she has this weakness so they know not to be mean to her. She is nearly 10.

OP posts:
QueenEagle · 31/03/2005 23:21

I reckon telling a class full of 10 year olds that someone wets themselves at that age is asking for trouble tbh. My dd had a laminated note which fitted in her pencil case which said 'please allow xxx to leave the room on request due to medical reasons' or words to that effect which she would show the teacher whenever she needed to wee.

Some kids still asked her why she needed to go to the loo so often. She just says medical probs and they accept it. Some can make nasty comments tho.

She's used to it now, she's had the piss took out of her for years

Wallace · 01/04/2005 07:52

Gosh QE your poor dd (and you)have really been through it.

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