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Femulen - quick query

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jolou1 · 24/03/2003 17:31

I've just got round to collecting the Femulen pill from the chemists which was prescribed a couple of months ago. I want to start taking it straight long until it's safe without other contraception? It's been five weeks since my first period after the birth of DS in October. I know I'm not pregnant (unless it's the second coming....) but it may be a while until l have another one and I want to crack on. It's been so long since it was prescribed that I can't remember what the GP said...any advice?

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PamT · 24/03/2003 21:51

They normally tell you to start taking the pill on the first day of your next period but if you start mid-cycle use extra precautions for 14 days. I don't know if the same applies to phased pills or maybe the mini pill and I don't know what category Femulen comes into. It should say on the information leaflet that comes with the pack.

webmum · 25/03/2003 13:18


I'm taking femulen as well, but I was switching from the combined pill, and was told to start straight after, or the cover would not have been good in which case I was told to use extra protection for 7 days. It does say all these things ion the information leaflet though.

jolou1 · 25/03/2003 19:15

Thankyou leaflet seems to describe every scenario except mine! I shall take the cautious approach and be extra careful for two weeks. I haven;t been on the pill since I was a teenager...keep feeling I should hide the packet in case my mum sees it!

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