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5 month old vomiting

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Luna · 20/03/2003 13:10

I'm sure this has been covered somewhere but don't have time to read all the other threads - my 5 month old ds has vomited 4 or 5 times since his morning nap and I want to know how I should deal with it. He doesn't have a high temperature, appears slightly pale. There seems to be quite a lot of phlegm in what he brings up. Should I try to feed him (he is breastfed; he doesn't eat much solid food yet). Any help appreciated - I'm just going to stick the washing machine on!!!

OP posts:
musica · 20/03/2003 13:17

Breastfeeding him should be fine, and should stop him getting dehydrated. If he is coughing, or has a lot of catarrh this could cause the vomiting, rather than an upset stomach. My ds suffers from this, and I use steam to try and clear the catarrh - put him in the bathroom while you have a shower or something like that.

mum2toby · 20/03/2003 13:18

My ds started Nursery at 4 months and from then on he had a steady flow of sickness bugs in varying severity. On thing was common though, as long as he didn't have a fever or rash the Doc said just stop trying to feed him. Leave it for 24 hours, but perhaps try him with cooled boiled water. If he can even just keep down a few sips he should be ok.

After 24 hours contact the gp again and they may recommend an electrolyte rehydration solution to dissolve in cooled boiled.... tastes like blackcurrent.

Good luck... it's horrible seeing them like that, but as long as he doesn't dehydrate he'll be fine.

Luna · 20/03/2003 13:28

Thanks for responding so quickly - he hasn't been coughing but did seem to have a slight cold yesterday/earlier today. He has just gone to sleep so I hope he will feel better afterwards. Will keep you posted.

OP posts:
LIZS · 20/03/2003 13:50

I was told to continue to breastfeed, little and often, to prevent dehydration, also sit him in his car seat or chair for a while after each feed. If he has a cold perhaps it would be worth using a nasal aspirator before feeding him so that he can breathe freely through his nose whilst feeding that way perhaps he will take less air into his tummy than if he is trying to breathe through his mouth and feed at the same time.

Our dd still throws up readily whenever she has a cough, usually after breakfast and I suspect it caused by the air and mucus she has taken in during the night, combined with her tendency to reflux.

Hopefully all will return to normal soon but if it hasn't improved after 24 hrs, or he develops other symptoms, call your gp. If you are concerned anyway you could always try your Health Visitor or local Chemist.



mears · 20/03/2003 15:30

No need to stop breastmilk. Different if a baby is being very sick on formula - rehydrating sachets may be advised. Breastmilk is the ideal fluid for sick babies.

Luna · 21/03/2003 08:18

Thank you for the latest advice - I was able to breastfeed ds and he was much better later on. He kept me up most of the night but I would still rather that than him be ill. It is so reassuring having Mumsnet at times like these - I don't know how I managed with dd!

OP posts:
mum2toby · 21/03/2003 08:26

Glad to hear he's a bit better Luna.

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