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Help again! 16 mo baby throwing up, should we give her milk or not?

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WideWebWitch · 26/03/2005 19:01

I don't seem to be having a good evening! (other thread on 7yo ds not well either) She seems fine in every other way but dramatically threw up about an hour ago (undigested baked beans from lunch) and has just thrown up again. Should we give her her bedtime bottle or not? TIA.

OP posts:
essbee · 26/03/2005 19:06

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 · 26/03/2005 19:10

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch · 26/03/2005 19:40

Thank you. We got our answer: gave it to her only for all of it to come straight back up. Poor thing is sleeping now but I doubt there's anything left in her stomach so we'll see how she is tomorrow/ She's been very chirpy all day so fingers crossed. Thanks.

OP posts:
dolally · 26/03/2005 20:15

I agree, if she seems peckish give her the feed but dilute the normal feed 50/50 with boiled water.

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