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6 week old with stinking cold and bad cough

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bunjies · 25/03/2005 20:16

I seem to be posting every other day at the moment about my dd2! Anyway she will be 6 weeks old on Sunday and caught a nasty cold from dd1 about 4 weeks ago. Then about 3 weeks ago she developed a chesty cough. She doesn't have a blocked up nose but is incredibly snotty which she is swallowing and then bringing up after her feeds. What is especially frightening is when she can't breathe while coughing and starts to go purple. Both are causing her (and us) much distress as she finds it hard to feed and it is also affecting her sleep, especially at night. I took her to the docs last week to check the cough hadn't spread to her chest and he said she was ok. However last night, I gave in and used karvol, which unfortunately didn't help at all. I am also worried as to why this cold doesn't seem to be getting any better. If anything it has got worse as her sleeping has only recently started to be affected. Is there anything I can do to help her breathe more easily? Do those nasal aspirators work? I would really appreciate some advice on this as we're all starting to suffer the effects of this cold .

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Flossam · 25/03/2005 20:37

3 weeks is quite a long time for a cough. Does it seem to be getting better? I think you should go back to docs for another check up. She is so young to be so under the weather for so long, bless her. Nasal aspirators do help a bit, it might be worth a go, although my DS hates it being stuffed up there.

KoalaBear · 25/03/2005 21:32

We've tried the Karvol plug-ins (into the power point) and it was surprising effective, although I am not sure for under 6 months of age

When our DS was very little we used Olbas Oil dabbed on a muslin and tied to his moses basket

Given that she still isn't better this week, maybe it would be worth going to the doc again - even if just for piece of mind

Can your health visitor pop over?

bunjies · 26/03/2005 19:47

Thanks for the replies. I'm definitely going to take her to the docs again next week if things are still bad. She had a couple more episodes of stopping breathing today and continues to cough up quite a lot of mucus.

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