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Stomach muscles - after pregnancy

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lalaa · 23/03/2005 13:58

Between my tummy button and my ribs, my stomach muscles haven't come back together entirely. There's about a finger's width in the middle. Is that normal?

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llkjj · 23/03/2005 14:19

How long ago did you have your baby?

dropinthe · 23/03/2005 14:21

Ive got two ds- one of three and one of one and havent got a single muscles left in my belly(had 2 csecs)

kama · 23/03/2005 14:23

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Message withdrawn

strawberry · 23/03/2005 14:25

My stomach muscles totally separated after pg and childbirth. I had physio and she said that to get back to 1 finger width is good so yours sounds normal.

kama · 23/03/2005 14:25

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Message withdrawn

Nikkichik · 23/03/2005 14:29

Stomach muscles - what are those? That you can actually feel them in the first place sounds like good news to me!!!

lalaa · 23/03/2005 14:56

Thanks all - mind at rest now!

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