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Plaque on teeth

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Jane64 · 14/03/2003 23:18

My 12 month old DS has started to get a build up of plaque on his teeth down near his gums. I started to brush his teeth as soon as they appeared and have endeavoured to continue doing so, but he now objects to me doing it - even though I've always been gentle. He either clamps his mouth shut, swipes my hands away or moves his head about - it's become almost impossible. I've followed the same routine that Mummy does it first then he can have the brush to 'do it himself', but of course he can't do it properly & just ends up brushing the carpet with it! I've also tried using just my finger with a cloth, but he won't have that either. I've backed off a bit & had a few days break, but then when I go back & try he still won't let me do it. Our dentist isn't interested in his teeth at this age & although I did get the dentist to try & have a look at his teeth, DS just screamed at the sight of him! Anyone have any miracle suggestions??? Will this plaque really cause any damage at such a young age? In the meantime I'll just continue to brush my own teeth with DS to show him what to do & hope one day he'll want it too!

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janh · 15/03/2003 11:47

Hi, Jane64. Have you tried doing it with him lying down on the floor and you sitting at his head, upside down to him? I have a very vague recollection of doing this with my kids when they were tiny and they thought it was funny so we could brush while they were many teeth has he got? Is it just front ones? (I can't remember now when they come through...!) If so the plaque doesn't matter quite as much. You could try giving him the toothbrush when he is in the bath too, although he will probably just clean the bath with it.

Does he drink water? That will help keep his mouth a bit cleaner and wash away any sugar he's had (eg the lactose in milk). I don't think it does matter too much at this stage and he will probably get more cooperative as he gets older!

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