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Imms, boring I know but a bit worried.

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Flossam · 15/03/2005 14:42

DS had his third lot of imms (16 weeks) yesterday, later afternoon. Gave him calpol when we got back, was fine all evening, normal bedtime. He slept through the night till 7 which is unheard of. Fed him and he was grumpy and tired, back to bed. I woke him up after 2 and a half hours, a mistake now I know. He dozed off on me again after another feed. He has now been back in bed for another two hours. He normally only has an hour all day. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this?

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PrettyCandles · 15/03/2005 14:53

Why do you feel it was a mistake to wake him?

IIRC, dd reacted similarly to her jabs, being very groggy for a day or two. If he gets more wakeful tomorrow, has no fever and becomes more 'himself' over the next 24h or so, I would say that it's alright.

Flossam · 15/03/2005 14:58

Because he was really grumpy, dosey and I felt quite mean really.

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Flossam · 15/03/2005 14:58

Sorry, thanks for your experience!

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PrettyCandles · 15/03/2005 15:04

Hmm, difficult call really. My mum used to be shocked that I would 'wake a sleeping baby', but I do feel that it's better to wake them and try to keep the day going normally, so as to be more likely to have a good night.

Your ds obviously needs to sleep, but my gut-instinct as a mum woud be to wake him slowly, giving him as much cuddling and soothing as he needs, feed him, and if he falls asleep again so be it. It could also be the calpol that is making him drowsy (it still knocks my ds out for the count, and he's 4). Are you still givng him Caplpol?

Flossam · 15/03/2005 15:14

No I haven't today. He dosen't have a temperature, he just seems tired. I did exactly as you said this morning, he fed a couple of times and just seemed knackered, so I'm leaving him to it this afternoon. Just worried about him, really. And I know this probably means a sleepless night when my lively little boy with come to life again!

OP posts:
Flossam · 15/03/2005 16:38

I've woken him up and fed him, and he seems a little brighter now. The only thing is he won't look at me, he wants more cuddles than usual, but then starts cooing at objects rather than me. He keeps looking past me. I'm being paranoid aren't i?

OP posts:
Flossam · 15/03/2005 17:14

Killing your own thread makes you paranoid too!

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 16/03/2005 11:27

Yes Flossam, you are being paranoid . Sorry, I suddenly noticed the time and had to dash (had to get dd up, changed, watered and collect ds from nursery at 3.30 - unsurprisingly I was late). And then when the children were in bed for the evening dh decided that he wanted to dismantle the computer...he can't help it, he's an engineer.

Anyway, your ds really does sound ok to me. Just pamper him for a day or two, he's probaly feeling a bit mis and needs his mummy-cuddles.

How's he doing today?

Flossam · 17/03/2005 11:14

Oh I didn't mean you made me paranoid! He is much better now. Night time sleeping has suffered accordingly though! Back to charming people with his cheeky smile! Still seems to be trying to 'talk' to iniminate objects, but also talking to me again. Thanks for asking. x

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 17/03/2005 13:54

Good .

Night-times will get back to normal within a few days, as long as you don't make them 'interesting' for him, and encourage him to feed and flirt during the daytime.

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