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Imms, boring I know but a bit worried.

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Flossam · 15/03/2005 14:42

DS had his third lot of imms (16 weeks) yesterday, later afternoon. Gave him calpol when we got back, was fine all evening, normal bedtime. He slept through the night till 7 which is unheard of. Fed him and he was grumpy and tired, back to bed. I woke him up after 2 and a half hours, a mistake now I know. He dozed off on me again after another feed. He has now been back in bed for another two hours. He normally only has an hour all day. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this?

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Bozza · 15/03/2005 14:43

DD was very sleepy after her injections. All she wanted to do was cuddle and sleep.

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