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DD repeated gastroenteritis infections - what's causing this?

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pinotgrigio · 13/03/2005 20:15

My DD, now 2.4 is constantly coming down with rotavirus/acute gastroenteritis. She recovered from her last (17 day) bout only a couple of weeks ago, and this morning we've had the familiar D&V. As usual we've dropped dairy and are doing BRAT and trying to starve the bug.

So far I've lost count of the number of times this has happened, but I've had to go to A&E three time.

We are really fastidious about hygiene, washing hands, soiled clothes/bedding etc. She's only at nursery 1-2 days per week, but she was getting this from only a few months old, so it can't be repeated infections from there.

I'll have to go to the GP this week as we seem to be lurching from one infection to another. Does anybody have experience of this or ideas about its cause?

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zebra · 13/03/2005 20:24

What is BRAT? You should be giving her only small sips of water every few minutes plus maybe dioralyte to starve the bug. Any food or drink with calories in it (so, not water) you try to give her will just feed the bugs until they're all dead.

pinotgrigio · 13/03/2005 21:16

Hi Zebra, Yes, she's only had water today, lots of thankfully. I can't get her to drink dioralyte, but I'm going to try to get a different flavoured one tomorrow and see if she'll take that.

The BRAT diet is Bananas Rice Apples Toast which my paediatrician recommended we use after the first 24 hours. We also completely restrict dairy until the bug has gone.

It's not so much about treatment, as we've seen plenty of doctors as she's had so many bouts. It's just now that I'm starting to think that she's getting these infections too frequently to be normal.

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rickman · 13/03/2005 21:28

Message withdrawn

pinotgrigio · 13/03/2005 21:37

Hi Rickman. Thanks! That would be helpful. Its something I don't know anything at all about.

How is your DD now? What sort of treatment did she have?

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sasa15 · 13/03/2005 21:39

my ds has a tum bug too...not from long(3 days) had diarrhea 3 times...

Do you know if they need antibiotic at this stage?

they might get weak if diarrhea is not cured in time,,,,and then they get ill all the time....

rickman · 13/03/2005 21:45

Message withdrawn

pinotgrigio · 13/03/2005 22:00

Sasa - When DD last had diahorrea I spoke with the NHS direct & her GP and they told me not to worry even though she had symptoms for 2 weeks. She was otherwise untroubled and had no temperature, so this might be why. If you are unsure check with your GP or the NHS Direct. Even though we get this a lot I normally always get DD checked out in case its something different.

Rickman - your poor DD. Its so worrying when they have these chronic conditions. I hope she gets 100% better soon. The eczema must be horrible for her too. Regarding the IgA, I think that's very interesting. Do you know if its hereditary at all? The reason I ask is that DH, his father, sister and 2 sons (by first marriage) all have dodgy stomachs. Lots of bloating/wind/discomfort & diahorrea. I wonder if it's linked? I'll definitely suggest this to her GP (cue eye rolling another bl**dy self-diagnosing internet mum reaction) next week. Thanks so much, this has been very helpful.

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sasa15 · 13/03/2005 22:06

I will or NHS...

thank you

rickman · 13/03/2005 22:06

Message withdrawn

pinotgrigio · 14/03/2005 21:08

Thanks Rickman. I'm off to see the doctor with DD tomorrow to see if he can help. I'll report back if I get any useful advice. I'm pretty certain I'm up for a fob off though.

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