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Anyone use pulmicort (budesonide) asthma inhaler?

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wilbur · 11/03/2005 19:31

I've recently been prescribed this new inhaler but after a break from using it (left it at my in laws ) I have forgotten exactly how it works. I know I have to turn it round and then turn it back, but I can't remember if I turn it round until I hear a click and then turn it back until it stops and then inhale, or wehther I trun it until it stops adn then turn it back until it clicks and then inhale. When should I be hearing the click, IYSWIM?

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Arabica · 11/03/2005 19:51

Aha! This happened to me once when I had a turbuhaler: try this

wilbur · 11/03/2005 20:01

Arabica, that's brilliant, thank you! I now feel fully informed again .

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