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Period over 2 1/2 weeks late and -tive test twice

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75 · 11/03/2005 08:35

This is my first posting
I am two 2 1/2 weeks late, we are trying for our second baby. the first one is almost two now. I have been regluar once I stop b/feeding at 9 months. what is wrong? i have done two test both -tive help

OP posts:
Chuffed · 11/03/2005 09:30

I had 2 -ve tests and I was actually a positive. I'd go to the dr and get them to bloods done. That's how they diagnosed me.

75 · 15/03/2005 14:20

Hi Chuffed
thanks for the advise have booked a app at the doctors. lets wait and see i was just wondering if you had any other sym as well

OP posts:
Toothache · 15/03/2005 14:22

75 - were they from the same pack? Could be a dud pair. Why don't you try a different brand?

Nemo1977 · 15/03/2005 14:25

75 the gp may try to brush u off so try to be firm that u want bloods done. My gp told me to wait until it had been at least 6mths poss up to a yr before they would do any tests...luckily af returned after 4mths

Pruni · 15/03/2005 14:37

Message withdrawn

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