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Hurray! My hair loss is down to low iron levels! Anyone else in same situation?

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jemimah · 05/03/2005 10:33

I have just found out I have very low iron levels. I am hoping this is the reason for my hair loss, tiredness and the extent of my depression and panic attacks.

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jemimah · 05/03/2005 10:54

I have just realised that my message makes me sound happy about my hair loss. Its just a relief that it is something that will hopefully get better with the iron tablets I'm on.

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braithe · 25/03/2005 00:02

jemimah is your hair loss post natal i have similar symptoms but my hair loss has been an ongoing problem since i was 9. All my hair grows back when i am pregnant (not a condition i can keep up forever), has recently got worse (youngest is nearly 3) have a mirena coil fitted has anyone else had similar probs?

Flossam · 25/03/2005 20:49

My hair is all falling out too! DS 4 and three quarter months. I am getting a widows peak! I went to a health food shop and am trying an iron product, it is called Spa tone, apparently one sachet contains as much iron as 1lb of spinach! It is natural too, so may be less likely to bung up your intestines!

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