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What is normal vaginal dischare?

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Pennies · 03/03/2005 09:53

Sorry a bit gross I know. have been on the pill for years, had a baby 6 months ago and am breast feeding and have noticed that I have a discharge that comes out white but dries a really horrid yellowy / tan colour on my knickers. No itching or anything else.

Had a smear in November and it was fine.

Is this normal? Should I get it checked out?

It's so long since I've had a normal hormone free system that I've no idea any more.

OP posts:
ponygirl · 03/03/2005 09:57

You are not alone Pennies! I have no idea if I should be concerned, but often wonder about it. I've had 3 children, the youngest is just 2, so I know what you mean about not knowing what's normal. I think I've just assumed it was a baby thing , but, now you mention it, it hasn't gone away and ds2 is now 2. Hmmm... Will watch your thread with interest.

Laylasmum · 03/03/2005 10:06

Discharge changes throughout the month. at the beginning just after your bleed it tends to be thick creamy crumbly stuff that can vary in colour mid cycle it becomes thinner and clearer and stretchy like raw egg white when you are most fertile it then becomes thicker again towards the end of your cycle. as long as theres no odour pain or itching then you should assume its normal!! HTH

Pennies · 03/03/2005 10:58

Thanks Laylasmum.

I've not really noticed any changes like that but presmumed that it's because I'm breastfeeding.

It's not the consistency but more the fact that, alhtough it starts off cream it dries this horrid yellow / brown colour - almost like a very very very light bloodflow.

ponygirl, I wondered if it was a post babything as well.

OP posts:
ponygirl · 04/03/2005 10:34

Mine is just like Pennies ( too!) . That's very interesting Laylasmum, though I have a mirena coil and don't menstruate at all. Where does that leave me?!

Laylasmum · 04/03/2005 14:47

Ponygirl if you have the mirena coil then your discharge should be similar throughout the month.If it is one way( say thick yellowly crumbly stuff!) then thats how its should stay because the progesterone in the coil should prevent any other discharge. If it changes or you get other symptoms then it may be something else!!

ponygirl · 05/03/2005 17:20

Thanks Laylasmum! You're right, now I think about it, it does stay the same (just yuck!). If it changes, I'll worry. Thanks a lot.

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