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DPT Vacination advise please

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Eaney · 25/02/2005 15:47

My new born baby is due the DPT in about 4 weeks. I explained to HV that I was concerned as my first boy had a very bad reaction (more than 90% of his body became inflamed red and weeping causing hime ot lose body heat). We later discovered that he has serious allergies to a number of things one of which is egg. In hindsight his reaction was probably an allergic reaction.
Two of my nephews also had serious reactions to the DPT one needing a steroid injection to get his breathing going again.

I want to vacinate my newborn but want to do it the least agressive and safest way possible. For example I would like to wait until she is a bit older than 2 months to give it to her. Has anyone any thoughts on this? I am breastfeeding if that helps with her imunity.

My HV has arranged a meeting with the consultant in charge of immunisations in our area where I can explain my concerns. Not sure how this will help. I think the only thing they can offer is to vacinate in hospital and observe for a couple of hours. My first boy and my nephew both reacted about 24-48 hours after the vacinations.

Can anyone give me advice on what to ask the consultant or point me in the direction of a good website.

OP posts:
chloeb2002 · 25/02/2005 18:03

well i can offer my opinion with some medical backing because im a student nurse.... firstly yes id immunise however id ask for an overnight paeds bed in case you are worried. I would also bare in mind that allergies are genetically linked however that doesnt mean that the new baby will get have the same allergy. I think food allergies work out in a one in four probability, which is per pregnancy so not 1 will have allergy and 3 wont... if that makes sense. I would immunise because even tho baby may have a reaction its far better than the disease and far more managable. see what the specialist reccomends and ask them to back your choice for an over night stay.

coppertop · 25/02/2005 18:09

My eldest son (now 4yrs) reacted badly to the DTP and stopped breathing both times. I worried about giving it to ds2 but he was absolutely fine. However, as you have other relatives with similar difficulties I would say that you're right to be cautious.

When the doctors were trying to find out what ds1 was allergic to he was given his jabs in the day-ward and kept under observation. He stayed in overnight each time. Similar precautions were also followed for the MMR although he had no reaction to that. I would definitely ask about having similar arrangements made for if/when you decide to go ahead.

Jimjams · 25/02/2005 20:10

The DTP changed recently so you may be less likely to see a reaction this time.

In terms of delaying the main points to consider as as follows:

diptheria - not in UK
tetanus- not really a risk until crawling/getting into things (unless bitten by a cat or something)
pertussis- babies are the main age group at risk (under 6 months). breastfeeding supppsedly doesn't protect against pertussis (although having said that unvaccinated ds2 had repeated exposure to pertussis when he was 4 months old and didbn't get it). There are new strains of whooping coough around which are less virulent but not protected against by vaccination 9read that in new scientist not some quack site). Althougbfull blown pertussis in a young baby is very unpleasant.
hib- most dangerous for under 2's and most likely in those in day care - breastfeeding gives good protection. - don;t know what categoiries your son falls into
meningitis C- groupp at highest risk of getting men C is teens and young adults

unforunately you can't separate out the jabs (although if your son had an allergic reaction to an additive then wouldn't make much difference perhans- and I suppose would be worse as each jab would carry a risk).

Jimjams · 25/02/2005 20:11

oh and polio- forgot that- not in uK

Jimjams · 25/02/2005 20:11

oh and polio- forgot that- not in uK

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