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Toddler with D&V

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Mummymonster · 25/02/2005 12:41

Further to a previous thread about "trots"

Day 5, 2 18 hr fasts behind us and the poor fella is still producing loose motions.

He is really lethargic and pallid. He's getting plenty of fluids but.........He's not himself at all and I feel helpless and hopeless.

I have to take him to the GP @ 3.55 this aft but is it something I've done wrong? Should I have taken him sooner or gone to A&E after 48 hrs.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't. A crash course in motherhood and kiddy illness is this one.

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NomDePlume · 25/02/2005 12:44

Mummymonster My DD (2.5y) has had this for the past 5 days too. It's so grim. DS1 has caught it too, horrid. Have you tried diaoralyte (sp totally off) ? There's also some stuff you can buy over the counter for the runs in children.

NomDePlume · 25/02/2005 12:45

The stuff (can't remember the name) is supposed to clear the trots.

Mummymonster · 25/02/2005 12:49

I initally thought it was a 24 hr thing and that I had over fed him after the fast.

I've not tried anything other than water and wait. I'll see what the GP says.

Big hugs to your DKs and a bigger hugg to you

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Mummymonster · 25/02/2005 17:21


Seems poor little Ed has had Gastroenteritis and he now has Post Enteric Syndrome. Seems his bowels are tender and anything I put in was being shovelled out.

He has to be fed little and often with very bland food. No brown bread, cereal, dairy or bananas.

Pleased he's through the worst of it and pleased he got through gastro without any real drama.

So white toast, chicken breast and basmati rice for him this weekend.

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