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large dose of antibiotics for 13 m old - what will happen?

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SenoraPostrophe · 24/02/2005 19:46

really not with it today - I've just given dd's evening dose of antibiotics to ds (13months). She's on Augmentine and the dose is slightly high for her 2.9 years because of previous problems, although i don't know if each dose has a lot in it, or if normally you take it for 5 days, not the 7-10 she's on.

What should i do?

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toomanypushchairs · 24/02/2005 19:47

You could ring NHS direct or your local pharmacist if its still open.

SenoraPostrophe · 24/02/2005 19:50

can't ring NHS direct. could ask the chemist i suppose.

OP posts:
toomanypushchairs · 24/02/2005 19:50

oops sorry, forget not everyone is in england

tamum · 24/02/2005 19:52

Senora, my ds had lots of courses of augmentin when he was under a year, and they were all 7 day courses. Now a healthy 10 year old. I can't imagine it will do him any harm at all. HTH

Tissy · 24/02/2005 19:52

SP, what dose have you given him? One dose will probably do no harm, as in severe infections, it's not unusual for the dose to be doubled or tripled.

Slinky · 24/02/2005 19:53

I'd ask the chemist - ours is very good and I trust him far more than I do the actual doctors.

DD2 is currently on Augmentine - she's been prescribed 2 x day doses for 14 days (have 2 bottles - one of which is still powdered that I have to make up on Day 8).

SenoraPostrophe · 24/02/2005 19:54

I can't decide if i'm worried enough to go and see the chemist - they're not always much help.

Dose was 2.5cc of the lowest dosage stuff listed on the leaflet.

I remeber someone once saying to me that you can take a whole course of antibiotics in one go - it won't harm you but might make you feel rotten. is that true?

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SenoraPostrophe · 24/02/2005 19:55

dd's on 3 a day.

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Tissy · 24/02/2005 19:58

SP, I've just looked up amoxycillin (one of the components of Augmentin) in a paediatric prescribing book, and the dose for a 1 year old is the same as the dose for a 3 year old, so he should be fine.

Check with the chemist anyway, but don't worry

SenoraPostrophe · 24/02/2005 19:59

Phew - thanks Tissy. Will go and look up the phone no for the chemists.

OP posts:
tamum · 24/02/2005 20:04

Truly, honestly, ds had the same doses of augementin from babyhood until he was 4 or 5. I'm certain it's alright.

SenoraPostrophe · 24/02/2005 20:06

Thanks tamum - I do actually trust your judgement more than I trust our chemist as it goes.

thinking about it now, he's more than half her body weight (no idea of the actual weight of either of them: am i a bad mum?) and she's on 3 doses a day so it must be OK.

Maybe it'll make him sleep better.

OP posts:
tamum · 24/02/2005 20:15

I never knew my children's weight either, so you're not alone! Fingers crossed for him sleeping

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