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baba's dry patches skin

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biglips · 23/02/2005 20:18

couple weeks ago i bathed my baba and after i dried her, i put johnson Baby oil all over her straight away, the following day she came out like a heat rash all over, so i didnt put the baby oil on again. i bathed her again (with baby bath) and i put on baby lotion just on her legs and arms and face but not body but she came out with patches of dry skin, then the last time ive bathed her i didnt put anything on her skin apart from baby bath when i bathed her but her legs got dry patches.... has she got sensitive skin? (i havent changed her soap powder, i use fairy). what can i put on her skin to make her skin smooth again?

OP posts:
HappyMumof2 · 23/02/2005 20:20

Message withdrawn

HunkerMunker · 23/02/2005 20:22

I wouldn't use Johnsons products - they're really heavily fragranced and can cause just this kind of reaction. We use aqueous cream on DS (but this can also cause probs as some babies are allergic to it) - try something like Aveeno or maybe the Simple range of baby products?

biglips · 23/02/2005 20:22

i thought Johnson were "kind" to babas skin? yeah thats all i used for baba is johnsons make

OP posts:
jenkel · 23/02/2005 20:23

Olive Oil

HappyMumof2 · 23/02/2005 20:24

Message withdrawn

PrettyCandles · 23/02/2005 20:25

Try not using anything in the bath. Most babies and young children don't need any products in the bath to clean them. Also, don't use the baby lotion afterwards. If you want to put something on afterwards, try dusting your dd with some cornflour.

You could try putting some porridge oats in a short length of nylon tights, knotting it tightly, and swishing and squeezing it in the bathwater. The water will go all milky-looking. It's very good indeed for dry skin. In fact, when you've finished, don't bin the sock but put it in a cup and keep it for your own bath. Bin it after that though!

biglips · 23/02/2005 20:31

will she'll end up like me as ive got very sensitive skin? (baba is 4.5 months old)

OP posts:
Chandra · 23/02/2005 20:33

Agree with pretty candles, though I may add that the most agressive skin product is precisely the baby bath. I would use just water and nothing else. If the patches don't go,try Aveeno cream, its wonderful.

BTW How old is she?

biglips · 23/02/2005 20:34

4.5 months old

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 23/02/2005 20:35

Aveeno is the biz

biglips · 23/02/2005 20:39

ill try the simple range and if its doesnt clear up the dry patches then ill try Aveeno cream - you get that off the shelf at supermarket or chemist? (for my future reference)

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 23/02/2005 20:40

Don't worry, biglips, not necessarily. Skin sensitivities can change, can come and go thoughtout your life. Both of mine have gone through phases when they broke out in an eczema-like rash on their face which was caused by tapwater. Ds's started at about 8m and had passed by the time he was about 2, whereas dd's started at about 18m and is still going strong but is manageable with oats, Aveeno/Diprobase/Aqueous.

CountessDracula · 23/02/2005 20:40

Behind the counter at the pharmacy

PrettyCandles · 23/02/2005 20:41

Aveeno at chemist's, I've never seen it in the supermarket.

biglips · 23/02/2005 20:50

but ill try olive oil first (ill try anything!)

OP posts:
biglips · 23/02/2005 20:50

thanks everyone

OP posts:
jenkel · 25/02/2005 11:19

I've only ever used Olove Oil as it is 100% natural. However, DD1 who is 2 1/2 always had dry skin during the winter months and I've tried other creams and nothing seems to make it go away - until I turn the central heating off. During the summer she has lovely soft skin. It doesnt seem to bother her during the winter months, its certainly not sore or anything so I still only use Olive Oil. I just put it down to the central heating drying her skin out

docket · 25/02/2005 11:25

My ds has very dry sensitive skin, doctor recommended oilatum for the bath and aqueous cream and / or olive oil for afters. As already mentioned here he cautioned against Johnsons products, they claim to be kind to skin and hypo-allergenic but aren't at all. Don't really understand how they can get away with saying this when it's patently not true!

HappyMumof2 · 25/02/2005 12:11

Message withdrawn

docket · 25/02/2005 12:46

Perhaps we should start a 'Johnson's awareness campaign'!? I think they do still do those ads you talk about, it's really bad. Should they not be copped by the advertising standards authority or whatever they're called?!

biglips · 25/02/2005 12:49

we cant win can we?

OP posts:
docket · 25/02/2005 12:55

no, probably not. but if everyone told just one person using it it wasn't what they thought it was it would have some effect, however small.

docket · 25/02/2005 12:56

no, probably not. but if everyone told just one person using it it wasn't what they thought it was it would have some effect, however small.

AngiePartington · 14/03/2005 17:30

Thought I was the only one with a daughter who's skin was drying out with the Johnsons products. Good to hear advice from other mums experiencing the same problem. I'm off to Boots to try some of their sensitive range. A friend of mine also recommended using aqueous cream in the bath as you would a soap. Apparently it is a great cleanser as well as moisturiser.

kama · 14/03/2005 17:58

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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