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Eye ointment application

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GeorginaA · 11/02/2003 15:25

Help! I've been given some eye ointment to apply to my 21mth ds 4 times a day as he has been diagnosed as having conjunctivitis. I'm supposed to pull down the eyelid to put some of this stuff in.

Problem: hubby is away so it's just me to pin ds down to put in the eye ointment. After a lot of wriggling and crying (and ds wasn't cooperative either, lol) I managed to get the tiniest bit in the corner of each eye by putting some on my finger and rubbing the corner of his eye. Is this going to be enough? I assume some must then get blinked into the eye.

I know this is not ideal and that I'm not "following instructions" but has anyone got any advice about whether even the tiniest amount is beneficial or if there's other ways to get his eyelid open. I'm terrified I'm going to end up doing him serious injury he's struggling so much - there's no way I'm risking putting the tube near his eye in case he moves suddenly.

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 11/02/2003 15:27

My only advice is that I found drops easier... Not much help I'm afraid. It's a nightmare, I agree!

Hope he's better soon.

Philippat · 11/02/2003 15:37

Nightmare stuff, I agree. DD is on her second bout of conjunctivitis this month. My DH is the real expert. You may find your ds calms down when he realises it doesn't hurt (I think the drops do sting though - we actually found the oitment easier). Have you tried bribery?!

If you can just get a bit on the base of the eyelashes and hold the eyes closed it melts in.

Probably not appropriate for your ds as he's older but we find easiest time of day is morning and night when dd gets the ointment as she lies on her back having her milk.

JaneyT · 11/02/2003 15:41

My dd2 - 20 months has bad conjunctivitis at the moment and is having drops 4 times a day as well.

This is a tactic that was once recommeded to me... Lie child over knee then pull bottom of eye down with thumb and top eyelid up with index finger, leaving other hand free to put drop in. (If they are crying this is hard to do as their face is wet and it is difficult as your fingers slip!)
When dd2 was a baby the dr said a good technique was to swaddle them in a towel to restrain their arms and lie them so their head is wedged between your knees - keeping head and arms still, but I don't know if your ds is too big.

I sympathise, as it is difficult, but keep trying - and agree with soupdragon that I find drops easier than the ointment - I am using Chloramphenical drops - which work great, but have had less success with fucithalmic ointment.

KeepingMum · 11/02/2003 15:43

Poor little thing, I sympathise, my ds had herpes infection in his eye when he was 15 months. He had drops to put in and cream to rub on the lids and rims. I asked the ophthalmologist how he suggested I did this but he didn't have any useful advice at all! I'm not sure how we managed as ds struggled lots at the beginning but then seemed to get used to it and would hold his head still. Can you pretend to put it in yours first and then do his, and offer lots of nice things afterwards (my ds will do anything for a chocolate button - and I said I would never resort to bribery). I think if they realise it doesn't hurt and does make them feel a bit better they begin to struggle less. I'm sure the bits that are going in will be doing something. Good luck and hope he gets better soon.

Meid · 11/02/2003 15:51

The first time dd had conjunctivitis (she's had it twice now) the doctor said we didn't need to necessarily get the drops inside the eye as she will rub the eye cause enough of it to go in.
So both times we've just aimed for the eye area and both times the conjunctivitis has cleared up in a couple of days.
Also, when I think she's going to put up a particularly big fight I've strapped her in her car seat!!!!! Therefore I only have to hold her arms down!
Hope this helps and good luck!

leese · 11/02/2003 18:25

GeorginaA - my dd, also 21mths, just suffered from a similar bout herself. Tried clearing it up with saline solution (1tsp salt to one pint cooled boiled water), but it was a bit persistant, so took her to GP. He said she had a viral infection(?!), and gave me the cream. After one attempt at administration, I gave up (coward!), and went back to the saline solution. Cleared up the next day, so I should have been a bit more persistant.
Not teaching you to suck eggs or anything, and assume you've tried all the above before resorting to medication, but just to reassure you - it will go anyway, cream or no cream (not very nice tho' is it?....)

GeorginaA · 11/02/2003 19:15

Thank you for all your advice and sympathies! I had tried the saline solution since Sunday but it was getting steadily worse.

Tried the bribing with chocolate buttons approach which remarkably ds sussed what was required pretty quickly (amazing what a difference chocolate can make - I was very skeptical before, I don't know why!). Didn't get much more in than the previous attempt (he was cooperative but still involuntary flinching made it impossible to get the eyelid down) but I didn't have to hold his arms (or end up pinning his head between my knees like I ended up doing last time, poor mite!). I think if I can get through the next 5 days with minimal struggle then that's a big bonus!

Relieved to hear that aiming for the eye area is good enough - can't tell you how glad I was to read of your experiences! Thank you all.

OP posts:
batey · 11/02/2003 19:47

My dd2 recently had conjunctivitis and is prone to eye things, I got pulsitilla from my homeopath which always works well with her eyes. Also was recommended, by homeopath and a midwife friend and my mum, to use cold, black tea as a wash for her eyes!!
I didn't think it would work but gave it a go within 2 goes she was saying "my eyes better now" so it obviously made it feel better. And it cleared v. quickly. I just used to dribble it on one side of her eye so that something went in. She didn't need much to make it feel better. Good Luck.

Paula1 · 12/02/2003 09:44

I found with DS that the best ointment that you could get from the Doctors was called Fucithalmic (sp?) it only had to be applied twice a day and was soooo much easier than the drops that were 4 times. I used to do it whilst he was asleep, that way you can get the whole squirt of stuff right into his eye without fighting

slug · 12/02/2003 10:02

The trick is to do it when they least expect it. Either while they are sleeping - but then you run the risk of them waking up - or while they are engaged in some enthralling activity. In the sluglet's case this was, of course, eating. I would creep up on her while she was blissed out on daddy's lap gorging herself on a bottle and shove it in before she knew what was happening.

busymum2004 · 18/12/2004 21:29

hi, its my first time here, and i have 2 toddlers with conjuntivitus. one is aged 3 and the other is aged 1. its very hard work putting the ointment in the eyes especially the 1 year old.

my son has had it for 5 days now. and his eyes are still red and very sore. how long will it last?

princessinapeartree · 18/12/2004 22:19

has he had it for 5 days while using the drops? if so, then maybe you should go back to your gp as the drops don't seem to be working. IME the drops should make it noticeably better after the first full day of using them, and pretty much cleared up after 3 days of using them. I don't think I've ever used them for 5 days without it clearing up.

busymum2004 · 20/12/2004 15:23


my sons eyes are better now, still red inside the eye but he is not complaining as much now, and he is sleeping better.

thank you.

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