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katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:17

DD has got slapped cheek! just to let you know. Fine in small children, GP said to keep her off nursery until the cheeks colour fades!

There is a risk to me though which is a bit scary

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Hulababy · 20/02/2005 20:19

Oh, poor thing. How is she?

Mollie is very red, but also has cold symptoms - so I am, at present, assuming just that.

Not sure what slapped cheek is or it's symptoms?

katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:23

from the web:
What are the symptoms?

A rash is the main sign of infection. The rash usually appears in 3 stages:

(a) The "slapped cheek rash" comes first. The cheeks have a flushed appearance as though the child has been slapped.

(b) Then a red blotchy rash appears on the body and arms and legs. Only occasionally does it appear on the palms and soles.

(c) Then this rash can fade to become a lace-like pattern and the whole rash sequence can last up to 40 days but the average is 11 days. The rash can seem to fade and then flare-up when the child is hot or after exercise or emotional upset. It is often itchy.

The child can have a mild generalised upset such as sore throat, fever and headache, cold like symptoms and tummy upset with diarrhoea, and this usually occurs a few days before the flushed cheeks or body rash appears.

It is important to see a doctor for any unwell child with a rash as other more serious conditions (e.g. meningitis) may cause similar symptoms.

What can be done?

No specific treatment is available and if the child feels well enough it is NOT necessary to keep the child away from school or pre-school. Rest and plenty of fluids are advised for children who feel unwell.

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katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:24

Effects on pregnancy and the unborn baby

Pregnant women who are not immune and become infected with parvovirus, usually only experience a mild illness, which does not cause birth defects. However, if a woman is infected during the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy, this can increase her chances of miscarrying to about 10%. About 3% of the remaining babies can possibly develop anaemia. Sometimes this is severe enough to lead to a condition called 'fetal hydrops', which can sometimes be life-threatening for the baby. However, many unborn babies recover well on their own without treatments, while others require a blood transfusion while still in the uterus, before birth.

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katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:25

just got to wait now to get my blood test results to see if i'm immune or not! Thankfully they can use some blood they already have i don't need to have another blood test. If i'm not immune then i will have to go and see a consultant at Jessops

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katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:27

I'm going to ring nursery in the morning to find out what they want us to do, all the webpages say once she's got the red rash shes not infectious.

Just letting you knwo because your DD was playing with DD during her infectious period (i'm sorry!)

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Hulababy · 20/02/2005 20:38

I will keep an eye on here. Her cheeks are now bright red - they were pink yesterday - thought she might be getting back teeth. But I don't think she has a rash elsewhere - will keep checking though.

TBH DD does seem as though she just has a nasty cold.

Hope your DD is okay.

katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:39


rather freakly there is another thread on this right now!!! there is a link to the NHS direct bit on there, says one of the symptoms is a cold.

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Enid · 20/02/2005 20:40

hello! we should join forces!

katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:40

we thought DD just had wind burn/chapped cheeks!! Big concern aprt from me being PG is that Al's dad was here and he has no immune systems and this can be very serious for him!

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Enid · 20/02/2005 20:41

dd1's cheek looks exactly as though it has been slapped - slightly swollen, hot and covered with reddy pink lacy rash. Classic, according to friend's mum who witnessed it at birthday party.

Hulababy · 20/02/2005 20:43

But the rash spreads to rest of body yes?
And any other symptoms to look out for?

I will be getting paranoid status soon

katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:44

sounds like my DD! plus she's got a slight rash on her arms and legs too now, a bath will make these more pronounced!

like i said on your thread we're keeping her off nursery tomorrow but will ask them to advise us about when to send her back

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katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:46

in children its fine! apparently most parents won't even notice - put it down to teething or a cold - very mild - just a problem around PG women but unfourtuenatly they're at their most contajus (can't spell) just before the rash appears GREAT!

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Hulababy · 20/02/2005 20:49

Typical isn't it. Why is it that children's infections seem to always be most contagious before you even know they have them???

I guess I just keep a look out then. We are supposed to be going to see saand stay with friends this weekend. Friend is pg - gue in June too.

What is the incubation period?

We saw you Friday 11th, didn't we? So 9 days ago - so by Thursday, she would be over the contagious time anyway, even if she did have it?

katzguk · 20/02/2005 20:57

NHS dirct say 14-18 days

OP posts:
Hulababy · 20/02/2005 20:59

Hmmm - well I will keep an eye but I don't actually think she has this. I do think she has a heavy cold instead, and a nasty cough. Cough made her really sick last night - cattarh I guess. First time she has been actually sick since being a baby.

Poor thing isn't happy at all. I keep hearingher whimpering in bed every so often.

katzguk · 20/02/2005 21:02

ahh bless her! hope she's feeling better soon.

I'm now trying to think who DD has played with in the last couple of weeks to warn them and get them to look out for it and keep there children away from PG women!

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