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Lots of lttle illnesses?

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Smurfgirl · 20/02/2005 13:21

I have got my 3rd cold this month at the moment. I have also had a chest infection, ear infection and sinusitus in the same period. I have 2 days of being fine, then I am sick for 3/4 days then I am ok again.

I eat super super healthy. I don't smoke. I exercise. I don't know what to do! I have had antibitoics and they worked on the infections, but I just got ill again 2 days later.

I can't afford to miss work or university but I am finding it very tiring because I just feel grotty and I can't sleep because I feel ill.

Please help! Is this just a phase? I thought glandular fever, but I don't feel really rotten.

OP posts:
doggiewalker · 20/02/2005 13:27

You don't live near mobile telephone masts or electricity pylons do you Smurfgirl?

Did I see in another thread that you live in Hull? Perhaps it's just all the dampness from the water around you?

handlemecarefully · 21/02/2005 09:13

Are you sleeping enough? - or are you burning the candle at both ends and not getting enough shut eye?

Too little sleep can compromise immunity

handlemecarefully · 21/02/2005 15:29

Bumping for you

handlemecarefully · 22/02/2005 09:14

C'mon someone - smurfgirl needs some advice

Bozza · 22/02/2005 09:32

How old are your kids? Are they passing on lots of bugs to you?

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