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help needed for a pulled muscle/cricked ncek please!

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Cod · 15/02/2005 20:42

Message withdrawn

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marthamoo · 15/02/2005 20:43

You mean like in the films where it gets manipulated back with a resounding click?

I'd try a heat pack (hot water bottle) and some Ibuprofen.

Cod · 15/02/2005 20:44

Message withdrawn

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ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill · 15/02/2005 20:45

the rub on stuff worked wonders when poor ds did the same

Cod · 15/02/2005 20:46

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill · 15/02/2005 20:50

Is it Ralgex, or something like that. Ds had an ibuprofen rub as he hurt his neck and it really helped.

I had shoulder pain for years and used to use magnetic plasters, they really helped.

I had a trapped nerve in my neck that caused it cod.

kid · 15/02/2005 20:50

If you are tensing you shoulders, you need to try and relax them. I get a muscle spasm in my neck and it helps me.
Also, turn your head from side to side slowly, keeping you shoulders facing straight forward.
Last trick that might work, fold your arms, and keeping your body facing forward, twist you arms to each side a few times while down against you stomach.
Then lift you arms infront of you and twist them again. Lastly, keeping your arms in the folded postion, raise them up above your head and twist again. You will be able to feel it working straight away, hope so anyway.

Don't know if that makes much sense but it helped me when I was refered to a physio therapist.

Cod · 15/02/2005 21:03

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
kid · 15/02/2005 21:15

I didn't think it made much sense!

I'll try again. Fold your arms as you normally would. Then, while facing forward, turn them to your right, back to the middle, then to your left (still in the folded postiton). Just do it gently, its not meant to hurt, just stretch!

Does that make sense?

Cod · 15/02/2005 21:17

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
kid · 15/02/2005 21:17

hope it helps!

Cod · 15/02/2005 21:18

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
hub2dee · 23/02/2005 10:06

One week too late, Cod, but I buggered up my neck one day so bad I couldn't get out of bed, couldn't turn my head, just sat there shouting (very) loud and swearing (even louder). Wouldn't call 999 as I wouldn't have been able to open the front door, and we'd just had a new one made up and hung and didn't want it broken.

DW came back from work as I phoned in pure pain.

Got my mate Alex the Osteopath (North London) to come round as sharpish as he could and after half hour or so of loosening muscles around my neck he clicked and I was BLISSFULLY relieved.

Try an osteopath next time, or consider treatment 'whilst you are well,' so to speak. I thought it was all complete pants but afterwards I was truly grateful.

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