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HELP! - What have I done to my back?

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anorak · 14/02/2005 10:31

I was bending over this morning to help ds with his buttons and a sharp pain shot through my lower spine. It took me two or three minutes to straighten up and then had to somehow propel myself to lying down on my side since I knew I was going to faint otherwise.

After ten minutes or so I managed to get up and since have been able to move about, sit, stand, have driven the car briefly but it is sore and I am moving very gingerly as it still feels very dodgy indeed.

What have I done? / What should I do about it? please.

OP posts:
welshmum · 14/02/2005 10:47

Anorak this happened to me recently - my back just 'went'. After getting advice on here I went to an ostepath and had 2 sessions with him. It is now absolutely fine again. I recommend getting an appointment as soon as you can if it's really painful - can recommend this 'emergency service' near Marble Arch if you're anywhere near London.

givenupforlent · 14/02/2005 10:56

Anorak - this happened to me admittedly some time after dislocating my sacro-ileac joint when 8m preg with dd so I do tend to have a weakness in my back. I sneezed and felt my lower back "go". I went to see an osteopath and he said that the majority of mums spend their time in heels/shoes rushing and dashing and stuff generally and never actually rest their back apart from lying down in bed. Apparently sitting is very bad for your back. He likened the spine to a lever and with constant movement the base of your spine which bears most of the brunt eventually gives. I was prescribed co-dydramol which worked but was very careful to rest it for about a week. I did go on after having ds2 to dislocate my back again but had it tugged back into place and (touch wood) it hasnt gone since.

anorak · 14/02/2005 11:00

I am standing and sitting a little more smoothly now, I think it is going to be okay.

But I am worried because we are going to Portugal for the weekend and I don't want to be stuck there with a bad back!

OP posts:
welshmum · 14/02/2005 11:05

There is a position you can get yourself into which will gently excersize it which the osteopath told me to use. You could try it if your back felt sore on holiday.
Lie on the floor and gently bend one knee, grasp that leg just below the bent knee and pull it in towards your chest - this stretches out the spine. Do the same on the other side. Good luck and havea lovely time.

anorak · 14/02/2005 11:08

Thanks, both of you. That sounds like something I could manage, welshmum. (I also have a problem with my ankle and can't crouch, so being unable to bend or crouch would be very restricting).

I guess if it is approaching normal by the end of the day I shouldn't have too much to worry about.

Luckily I have DD2 here to help me, she is a very willing soul.

OP posts:
givenupforlent · 14/02/2005 11:09

what about pelvic tilts?

anorak · 14/02/2005 11:12

Is that one of those exercises you do postnatally?

OP posts:
givenupforlent · 14/02/2005 11:17

yes - lie on the floor with knees bent, then push your pelvis into the ground, then release to its natural position and repeat

Frizbe · 14/02/2005 11:22

and if it gets any worse definatley go to the osteopath, they work wonders IMO!

anorak · 14/02/2005 11:27

Thank you all.

DH just called, he got my email telling him what had happened, sweet man, what can he do?

Think he has visions of his dirty weekend going down the pan

OP posts:
ColaCat · 14/02/2005 12:25

I have just had my back "go" like this, a week ago, and I now have severe pain in one buttock when I sit and after sleeping. I am 5 months pregnant and have seen the doctor who said take paracetamol and it will go away! The problem is it is affecting my sleep and I have a 2 year old to look after. Any one have any ideas/advice?

Osteopath/chiropractor? I'm worried about taking anything for it because of the pregnancy

beachyhead · 14/02/2005 12:32

You can have osteopathy when you are pregnant - just make sure they are experienced with pregnant women....... it can be very gentle and can help a lot

janx · 14/02/2005 12:36

Sound familiar - could be sciatica (not sure how to spell it - though I suffer from it) - sitting isn't too good for it - walking is. I would recommend you see a osteopath and they can help you with exercises to ease it. Do you live in London?- I can recommend my osteopath if you do.

anorak · 14/02/2005 16:23

Well I have just got back from shopping for shoes for my 4 year old, thank goodness his sisters came along to help him try on the shoes as I was worried about bending over. But I drove there and back and everything wasn't too bad. I think it's going to be okay. Once I've slept on it I'll be more confident I guess.

Should do something about my posture generally though. What is best? Yoga? Pilates?

OP posts:
AtHomeMum · 14/02/2005 16:28

Had similar problem to yours when pg with DD (about 4 yrs ago). Gradually got better, but continued having small probs & always felt had to be careful. Last Oct went to physio locally (sports injury clinic) & in 3 appointments he sorted it. Recommended I do pilates to strengthan back, which I began after Christmas. Although seemed quite pricey (£40 & then 2 @ £32), was def worth it - I recommend you ask around to find someone good local to you & go & see them. I wish I had done it years ago.

NotQuiteCockney · 14/02/2005 16:29

Pilates are very good for posture. I've had very good experiences with physios for neck and back problems.

Another position to help sort out your lower back, much like welshmum's - get down on the floor on all fours, then push your bottom back so it's resting on your heels. You end up in a position like you're praying to someone. Really stretches out the lower back, can help sort things.

You can also use ice and heat to sort these sorts of things, in the short term. If you're going to take drugs, iboprofen actually helps with the inflammation, rather than just taking away the pain, which is what paracetamol does.

anorak · 15/02/2005 20:26

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

My back still isn't right today but it's definitely easing, so I am confident it is getting better without any intervention.

I have a lovely electric massager which I used on it last night and that made a big difference.

I think I'll look into doing the Pilates sometime soon anyway as I figure that improving my posture may help safeguard me against this happening again.

OP posts:
marthamoo · 15/02/2005 20:42

I would take a stock of Ibuprofen with you to Portugal, just in case. As NQC says, it reduces inflammation and I take it even when my back begins to feel better (I have a back that "goes" too). If you can afford it, and you continue to have problems, a TENS machine is a worthwhile investment. When my back is really bad it's the only way I can get off the floor.

And another thing to check is your mattress - if it's very old, or saggy, it's definitely worth investing in a new (orthopaedic) one.

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