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right lower side pain ?? ow!! what could it be?

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dramaqueen72 · 12/02/2005 22:47

ow! sorry for grumbling here ladies, but i could do with some helpful info/ideas on this pain in my right lower side/tummy. it started on thursday, went away, came back, etc etc, back tonight. sometimes niggles, sometimes HURTS.
it feels abit like Ovulation pain but much more intense, painful, so really it doesnt feel like that at all, just in same kind of area!!
i have fairly recently had an ERPC (D&C) -following a missed m/c- so i am thinking it must be af turning up after this and hurting more, but am confused by right side only pain? we are also ttc so my other thoughts are.......
late late ovulation?
implanting? (okay wishful thinking that one!)
its most likely af isnt it?
yes ectopic pg has crossed my mind, but think its a) too early and b) very unlikely -right? (confused face here)
so i am aching and grumbling and wanted to see what you thought. if its still painful monday i will ring the Dr, but am reluctant too really if its just AF hurting more than usual

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HunkerMunker · 12/02/2005 22:55

Oh hun, how vile for you. Not sure what it could be - I had a burst ovarian cyst a couple of years ago and that was excrutiating, so it doesn't sound quite like that. Big hugs and I hope it eases soon.

dramaqueen72 · 12/02/2005 23:01

thanks HM, thanks for caring
The pain is painful and so bloody annoying! so i can rule out burst cysts then. thats a start.
i'm wondering actually if its bowel related? been reading alot on IBS after D&Cs.....could make sense as mine are always far too sensitive

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HunkerMunker · 12/02/2005 23:05

My burst cyst made me want to kill myself to stop it hurting. Couldn't talk which is unheard of for me! It was worse than labour - so sharp and stabbing.

If it's still painful on Monday, or gets worse, definitely see your doctor. I've also had my appendix removed and although the pain started on the left side (referred pain - very odd!), it did move to the right and was very sore and achey (can't remember exactly as was nearly 14 years ago (eek!!)).

I also have PCOS and endometriosis, so lower abdominal pain is something I really relate to

More hugs, hun. I hope I've not worried you. xxx

KatieMac · 13/02/2005 17:08

When did you have the ERPC,- my ectopic exploded about 6 weeks later - but I had been having pain off & on throughout the 6 weeks (I have IBS so wasn't very concerned)

PLEASE check with your DR tomorrow - if only to rule it out
Hope you feel better soon

dramaqueen72 · 13/02/2005 17:52

well i'm starting to be convinced its bowel related/IBS.
my op was just about 4wks ago.
after scaring me last night when it 'radiated' to my back it really got better today but i can 'feel' it lurking there again now, it seems very much an evening thing. abit less one sideed tonight???(shrug emoticon here)
maybe i should get it checked out, just you know, if its only af returning i'm going to feel silly, and have entire herd of children home for half term so drs trip may not be easy. do you think i should go, even if its better again during the day tomorrow?

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LapsedGymJunkie · 13/02/2005 17:54

In a word, YES

Waswondering · 13/02/2005 18:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

charleepeters · 13/02/2005 18:34

i had appendicitus and you will know if tis that its sooooooo painfull i would rather give birth again with no painkillers honestly best bet is go to docs could be nubmer of think kidney infection if went to your back?

fisil · 13/02/2005 18:57

I went to A&E once with ovulation pain and felt no embarrassment at all. Go to your GP or A&E if it really hurts.

jollymum · 13/02/2005 19:00

There's a bug going round here, vile stomach and back pains, as in period pains. If you're lucky, you'll get the raging shits for two days and stop. Me, NO, I couldn't do that, too busy so for over two weeks I've had awful pains and dreadful wind HTH

dramaqueen72 · 14/02/2005 10:55

I'm MUCH better today, so thankyou for helping me out there ladies. i made a note of when i hurt etc so can give it to dr if it comes back, but i feel fine now.
phew! you had me thinking all sorts!!!

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