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head lice and hats !

4 replies

binker · 01/02/2003 11:27

Probably a silly question, but can head lice be transferred from head to head by sharing hats ?

OP posts:
oxocube · 01/02/2003 16:12

Although I've not known it, my kids' school have just sent out another 'headlice in school' letter and their new guidelines say yes, hat and scarves and hoods can harbour and transmit headlice. They recommend washing these items and car seat covers etc at 60 degs. Will be interested to hear other opinions on this.

emsiewill · 01/02/2003 16:41

As far as I've always ben told, head lice cannot survive off a human head, and therefore there's no need to boil towels, bedding etc. I supose hats etc could be different, as they're constantly in contact, but it's not what I've been led to believe.

SofiaAmes · 01/02/2003 16:47

My understanding is that they will survive for up to 24 hours or so off the human head. And the eggs will live for a similar amount of time on a strand of hair. soooo, if there is a strand of hair in that hat and it has eggs about to hatch, or a lice on it...personally l would avoid sharing hairbrushes, hats, scarves etc. that come in contact directly with the hair. I also wash bedding etc. just in case after my stepkids have been down (see many other nit night mare threads)...better safe than sorry.

Batters · 01/02/2003 21:20

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Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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